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Dana Donovan
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Bones of a Witch

said Hilton. “You say a dog approached you?” “Yes, sir, that’s right.” “And he spoke to you?” “Yes sir.” “I see. And what kind of dog was it?” “I don’t know; a big black one.” “A big black dog?” “Yes.” “All right, continue.” “Objection. Your Honor, pah-leeze.” Again the gallery erupted in gasps a...

Bones of a Witch by Dana Donovan


Donovan 2011 Smashwords edition     Author's notes: This book is based entirely on fiction and its story line derived solely from the imagination of its author. No characters, places or incidents in this book are real. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, places, events or locales i...

KISS THE WITCH by Dana Donovan

Call Of The Witch

Donovan Smashwords Edition Published by Smashwords       Books in this series include: THE WITCH’S LADDER EYE OF THE WITCH THE WITCH’S KEY BONES OF A WITCH WITCH HOUSE KISS THE WITCH   Other titles by author Dana E. Donovan: ABANDONED SKINNY RESURRECTION DEATH & OTHER LITTLE INCONVENIENCES   ...

Call Of The Witch by Dana Donovan

The Witch's Key

“It’s okay,” I said. “Lilith isn’t with me.” “She isn’t?” Her smile brightened by degrees. “Uh-uh. So, is it all right if I go up and see Mister Marcella?” “Oh, I don’t see why not.” She picked up the phone and dialed a three-number extension. “Let me just clear it with India, okay?” I gave up a ...

The Witch's Key by Dana Donovan

The Witch's Ladder

They conducted no experiments, and instead devoted their time to talking about and remembering their fallen friend. Barbara explained to her group how she had sensed the peril that Travis faced while she was driving home, but that she didn’t realize the warning was for him and not her. Valerie al...

The Witch's Ladder by Dana Donovan

Eye of the Witch

“Oh that’s right.” Carlos leaned forward on the table, nearly spilling his iced tea. “He was gonna get her pregnant so he could eat her baby’s liver.” “Eww!” “Carlos, Please!” I elbowed him in the side, but still he wouldn’t shut up. “He tied up in the basement of the research center, but she kep...

Eye of the Witch by Dana Donovan

Witch House

No small coincidence, I imagined, as the proximity to each other likely worked well for reciprocal referrals. Still, I found it strange that he chose to set up shop in this manner. Dominic Spinelli said that Kemper was once a highly regarded up and coming defense attorney. I would have thought he...

Witch House by Dana Donovan

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