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David Dun
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Overfall (2003)

Sam Wintripp is a man with secrets, struggling to keep his troubled past where it belongs. His future takes a deadly turn when he rescues a beautiful woman from drowning in remote Canadian waters. They barely survive the attack that follows. But the fight for their lives has just begun.As a freel...

Overfall (2003) by David Dun

Necessary Evil

"You son of a bitch. You ever lock me up again and I'll have you prosecuted for interfering with a federal officer." "I thought you had decided to become a postman." "It's no joke." Kier looked into those eyes, thinking if it were another life, he'd kiss her. He gave her a little smile, waiting t...

Necessary Evil by David Dun

Unacceptable Risk

It was rare of the admiral to have a cigar in his office. The room was large, with a desk at one end and a more informal conference area at the other, and the office permitted a great deal of pacing on the admiral's part.  "I have a tip that Gaudet wants to talk," he began.  The chief puffed extr...

Unacceptable Risk by David Dun

The Black Silent

To the eye, it was like hurtling through an abyss; to the stomach, it was a pounding free-for-all.     There was no anticipating the jarring. The waves were a blur in the spotlight and the mind was taxed to the max trying to control the foot throttle. Weary, she had backed off...

The Black Silent by David Dun

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