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Overfall (2003)

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078601542X (ISBN13: 9780786015429)

Overfall (2003) - Plot & Excerpts

Sam Wintripp is a man with secrets, struggling to keep his troubled past where it belongs. His future takes a deadly turn when he rescues a beautiful woman from drowning in remote Canadian waters. They barely survive the attack that follows. But the fight for their lives has just begun.As a freelance espionage expert, Sam's existence depends on absolute secrecy -- even as he finds himself acting as protector to Anna Wade, whose face is instantly recognizable. Now, they must work together to unravel an international conspiracy involving a shadowy corporation, a paranoid genius, and a madman who knows too much about Sam.There's nowhere to turn and no one to trust as the pair is drawn into a desperate race to track down a terrifying new threat, a twisted technology that means power for its owners, and death for those who would stop them.

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