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Hard Ridin' (2013)

One of the main characters, Holden, is such a total ass from the start that I had a hard time getting into the story. On page two of the book he returns from eight months on a fishing boat, having not once contacted his girlfriend and then is shocked to discover that she has moved on. His behavio...

Hard Ridin' (2013) by Em Petrova

Stranded and Straddled

And this was just like a tornado—without the lashing rain. He sat inside his toasty warm Ram truck, watching the snow and ice that pummeled his windshield. An eighty-mile-an-hour wind sliced across the rest stop, and the truck rocked under the assault.     “Hell, when is this ...

Stranded and Straddled by Em Petrova

Cowboy Not Included: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 6 (2015)

As Booker crossed the turf between bungalows, the wind kicked up. Shooting a glance at the sky, he realized they were in for a wet evening. The perfect weather for staying inside with your pretty little gal and getting tangled up and sweaty.     Well, he wouldn’t be doing thos...

Cowboy Not Included: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 6 (2015) by Em Petrova

Buck (Rope 'n Ride #1)

Wait—she was losing two little girls. Where the hell could they have gone?     She threw herself on the motel carpet, skin crawling at the thought of what filth the fibers held. “Are you under here?” She peered under the king-sized bed where she’d spent the night, not with her...

Buck (Rope 'n Ride #1) by Em Petrova

Lasso My Heart

His eyes were shadowed by his cowboy hat, but something was wrong—she saw it in the set of his shoulders.     “What is it?” She rushed across the kitchen to the door. She placed a hand on the mesh, and Josh raised his to press from the other side. His tension flowed into her, ...

Lasso My Heart by Em Petrova

Under Control (2016)

They’re still looking for concrete evidence. Damn authorities and their concrete evidence.” Gabriel collapsed on the leather sofa with the entire bottle of vodka in his fist. Joey settled next to him, his body heat beckoning him. Gabriel was too bone-tired to move. Between his bleary ...

Under Control (2016) by Em Petrova


The sky was flawless blue. How the hell did they know they were on the right path? It wasn’t that Sean didn’t believe in Dante’s abilities, but tromping all over mountain ranges didn’t seem like the straightest route to a runestone, which according to Maria, would hold a piece to the puzzle. Let’...

Runestone by Em Petrova

New Recruit

She didn’t even have a window covering, and the thought of the perverts being able to see into her bedroom made his blood simmer. “You have a better view at your place,” she said from behind. He turned, opening his arms automatically. She hesitated for a moment, giving him time to wonder just why...

New Recruit by Em Petrova

Licks and Promises (Texas Threesome Book 2)

Loren’s hot words made Posy’s skin ripple in goosebumps.     She braced her hands against the wall over the miniature sink and arched her back. “Get inside me,” she panted.     Her jeans were around her knees, trapping her too much. But there was no way to ...

Licks and Promises (Texas Threesome Book 2) by Em Petrova

Body Language: The Boot Knockers, Book 2 (2014)

The warm weight of Damian’s hand on her abdomen felt good. His big, muscular thighs cradling the backs of hers was just right.     Actually, everything about him gave her a feeling of rightness.     On the dresser her cell bleeped. Damn, Andrew woke up too ...

Body Language: The Boot Knockers, Book 2 (2014) by Em Petrova

Lip Lock: Country Fever, Book 2 (2013)

Hayley and Drake would be in his office any minute for Drake’s appointment. Brant quickly wrapped up with the boy whose braces he was tightening, keeping one eye on the entrance. When the lanky, dark-haired boy wearing a Reedy Tigers T-shirt strode in, Brant’s heart caught. He hadn...

Lip Lock: Country Fever, Book 2 (2013) by Em Petrova

Kickin' Up Dust: Operation Cowboy, Book 1 (2016)

She’d peered at the numbers until her eyes were crossing, but still she wasn’t able to squeeze another drop into the bucket.     She’d run figures several ways—paying this bill or that first. Then ignoring others altogether. Still, she couldn’t wring blood from stone, could sh...

Kickin' Up Dust: Operation Cowboy, Book 1 (2016) by Em Petrova

Dallas Nights

Squeezing in the pain wasn’t going to stop it from bleeding out.     I made this bed. Time to crawl out of it.     The moonlight glazed the pond over in a sheet of silvery ice. She stared at Hart’s Pond, the heart-shaped body of water where she’d lived so m...

Dallas Nights by Em Petrova

Pushin' Buttons (Boot Knockers)

The light kissed Sibyll’s pale hair and turned it into spun gold. He clenched his fingers to keep from touching it. Not yet. His cock demanded he take her here, in the field, but he fought back the urge. She deserved a soft bed, not rough weeds and hard earth. An image of her riding him flitted t...

Pushin' Buttons (Boot Knockers) by Em Petrova

Love Ties

Her breath came faster, and adrenaline hit her system. She was in Dark Raiders territory. Anyone could spot her hair and recognize her. Sure, she could disguise herself, but she might eventually need her looks to infiltrate the club walls. Maybe she still had a friend there. Namely, the one who h...

Love Ties by Em Petrova

The Quick and the Hot 2: Slick Rider (2013)

Soon he’d be a bird leaving the nest of her care. While Lilly hated the idea of him being anywhere but ten steps away, a man with his energy needed new scenery. When he left, her world would crumble, but she’d proudly watch him walk out on two legs. Lilly’s heart leaped with joy as the bell for r...

The Quick and the Hot 2: Slick Rider (2013) by Em Petrova

Soul Ties (Club Ties #4)

It raced far faster than it should, but that wasn’t news to her. She felt each throb all the way to the marrow of her bones. Fear did that to a person. Drawing a deep breath, she peeked into the warehouse. Big, dark shapes filled the space and a weak light glowed from the back corner. Those...

Soul Ties (Club Ties #4) by Em Petrova

Cowboy Crazy (The Dalton Boys Book 1)

I’d better get rid of it.” Momma rounded the table just to cuff Witt on the ear. Laughing, he forked another heaping bite of blueberry pie into his mouth.“It’s bad enough I have to make two pies because you boys demand such enormous slices.” She flipped the dishtowel off her shoulder and delivere...

Cowboy Crazy (The Dalton Boys Book 1) by Em Petrova

Vital Signs (2016)

Knowing she was expecting him was a mind-fuck that he wouldn’t ever get enough of. The wanting between them had crossed a line today. Or maybe he at last felt worthy of acting on what he’d been feeling for weeks. He hadn’t been lying when he’d told her he had enough energy...

Vital Signs (2016) by Em Petrova

Darkling (2012)

The draperies were open. Sunlight poured into the rooms, heating the space faster than the air-conditioning could cool it. Where was Vega? Panic threaded through his chest and settled like a stone in his gut. The weight sickened him. Folding slightly around the nausea rising inside him, he starte...

Darkling (2012) by Em Petrova

One Fiery Night

He strode through the lounge area and on to the locker room. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught Morelli’s big form rise from the sofa and follow. He continued, ignoring both him and Pearce, who shut the door behind the three of them. Luke shot them a glance and then spun toward his locker. H...

One Fiery Night by Em Petrova

Unbroken: Country Fever, Book 3 (2013)

His feet hung off the edge and the blanket had slipped to the floor sometime during the agonizing night. Agonizing because Claire had slept feet away from him in Tucker’s bed. Last night, she had brought her Aunt Letty and two suitcases. They’d installed Letty in the guest room, which...

Unbroken: Country Fever, Book 3 (2013) by Em Petrova

ControlledBurn (2012)

Pearce was running late. He’d called to let her know he was fine and he’d be home for dinner. It wasn’t unlike him to stop to help in a car wreck he passed on the way home or to break up a bar fight, but he usually dropped her a text to let her know what had happened. She suspected that tonight, ...

ControlledBurn (2012) by Em Petrova


A cold, wet cloth touched her forehead, and she opened her eyes into his worried gaze. He smoothed a lock of hair from her cheek. “Lillian.” She stared past him, through him, seeing the USS Arizona Memorial and a name beneath her finger. She saw a sunny kitchen with a jug of flowers centered on t...

Trefoil by Em Petrova

Marked as His

The outskirts brushed against the countryside, raising memories of school field trips and one time her father had brought her along to visit a friend. The club member had gotten too old to do much around the clubhouse. He was wheelchair-bound and lonely. While her dad talked to the man, Santana p...

Marked as His by Em Petrova

Rope Burn: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 5 (2015)

As soon as she got too cerebral, she’d be hiding in the bungalow with a book. Stowe wasn’t waiting for her to come to terms with what she was here for. He wanted to put her on a horse, so to speak, and slap its rump, sending her for a fast ride. Eventually she’d hang on.     H...

Rope Burn: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 5 (2015) by Em Petrova


At his back sat Gracie, her pencil scratching through the trigonometry problems he’d assigned her. If he turned, he would see her long blond bangs dipping into her eyes, and her tongue caught between her teeth. The freezing wind gusted against the trees, rattling the icicles. He shivered, but not...

Runes by Em Petrova

A Cowboy for Christmas

But the real magic is happening outside the rodeo.       Dusty Waite comes from a family of world championship bronc riders. His father and older brother have been there, done that, and their gold buckles taunt Dusty at every family gathering. Now he’s the top pick for the win...

A Cowboy for Christmas by Em Petrova

Cowboy Crushin' (Dalton Boys Book 3)

“Grab your old boots. There’s a bonfire just outside town.” He looked up from the Classic Farm and Tractor article he was reading. “Who’s going?” “Same group of us who used to raise hell at bonfires back in the day.” That meant a few guys they’d run with as teenagers were back in town for the wee...

Cowboy Crushin' (Dalton Boys Book 3) by Em Petrova

Somethin' Dirty: Country Fever, Book 4 (2014)

She squirmed, but he tightened the circle of his fingers around her ankle. “It comes only once.” He snaked his tongue over her skin, and she echoed the line with a squeak. He smiled and dragged his teeth lightly down to her calf. Her head was turned sharply in the covers, face flushed...

Somethin' Dirty: Country Fever, Book 4 (2014) by Em Petrova

Cowboy Rush (Dalton Boys Book 5)

Between the ache of a pulled muscle in his shoulder and his wet dreams, he was exhausted. For days since the bunkhouse incident, he’d been bombarded by dreams of Ryan.     At least the muscle pain can be relieved.     The throb in his groin was another thin...

Cowboy Rush (Dalton Boys Book 5) by Em Petrova

Zero to Love

He buried his nose against her nape and inhaled deeply. “Damn, you smell so sweet. What is that you’re wearing?” “Just my bodywash,” she returned, wriggling out of his hold. Public displays of affection weren’t in her comfort zone, especially with the guy who was supposed to be her boss. It was b...

Zero to Love by Em Petrova

Ropin' Hearts: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 4 (2015)

The horse danced in place, as eager as her rider. “I’ve almost got it,” she said to the horse, then leaned forward and planted a kiss on its side.     She’d been lax in her nightly trick-riding practice, and while she had no intention of competing again, she missed it.  &...

Ropin' Hearts: The Boot Knockers Ranch, Book 4 (2015) by Em Petrova

Fevered Hearts (2015)

“Jesus,” he groaned as Ivy’s come coated his tongue. He pressed tender kisses all around her overly-sensitive clit, tasting her inherent musk and a desire so heady, he didn’t know if he could survive it.     And the way Liam was looking at him—damn, it was as if they were maki...

Fevered Hearts (2015) by Em Petrova

Trail of Lust

Kathleen was dressed in a prim white lawn blouse with a charcoal-gray vest fitted tightly to her ample curves, and a gray, flaring skirt. Her straw hat sported a black ribbon that made Graham's fingers itch to pull it off."The only thing that could be improved upon concerning your appearance woul...

Trail of Lust by Em Petrova

Isolde's Wish (2011)

He shifted from foot to foot, trying to escape the newfound pain of his sword wound. While Millvale’s men had him on the ground, they’d delivered some ruthless kicks to that tender area. No doubt they’d had direction. Now blood trickled down his thigh, making his breeches stick ...

Isolde's Wish (2011) by Em Petrova

Ridge (Rope 'n Ride Series Book 3)

No time for brooding.” Ryder’s chipper tone sliced through Ridge, and he turned from the barn door with extreme slowness, hoping his body language indicated how irritated he was.     “I’m…not…brooding,” he said through a clenched jaw. The corner of Ryder’s mouth lifted, and Ri...

Ridge (Rope 'n Ride Series Book 3) by Em Petrova

Ryder (Rope 'n Ride Series Book 2)

She glanced up from the baby goat she was hand-feeding apple slices to, refocusing her attention on her father’s newest recruit. He’d been on the ranch all of two hours and seemed to have snapped his bull rope.     Straightening, she gave a shake of her head. “Can’t fix that. ...

Ryder (Rope 'n Ride Series Book 2) by Em Petrova

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