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Hard Ridin' (2013)

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Hard Ridin' (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

One of the main characters, Holden, is such a total ass from the start that I had a hard time getting into the story. On page two of the book he returns from eight months on a fishing boat, having not once contacted his girlfriend and then is shocked to discover that she has moved on. His behavior is so non-sensical that I just could not understand what the heroine, Laurel saw in him. His best friend, Jens was a lot more likable. From there the story got better but then after a while I found myself skimming the book looking for something interesting to happen. Too much time time is spent with a lame plot involving organic farming and property ownership. Clearly Petrova knows nothing about either subject so its a puzzlement why she wanted to spend so much time on things she couldn't bother to research. (It takes several years to convert to organic and it has to be monitored - you don't just plant some organic seeds and then people just trust that it is organic. Land transfers entails this thing called a title search to verify ownership, so someone doesn't show up on your doorstep years later claiming ownership.)The relationship stuff was given short shift. There was a few hot sex scenes but everyone just took the relationship in stride. The only issues the trio had was due to the highhanded behavior of the guys in business matters, not because the guys had any issues at all with becoming intimate. There were a few nice moments, emotionally, but the story overall just didn't work for me. At first I was a little dubious about reading this even though it looked interesting. Only because I couldn't find any good reads reviews on any of Em's books or on Nook for that matter. Any way took a chance and brought this book of hers and as you can see by my 4stars I loved it. Loved the development of the characters, and also where the story headed, some of it unexpected. Loved that everyone makes mistakes and are human. Really very hot also.

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Meh - any novella that takes me a whole week to read is just meh...

Sexy! Hot! This is a keeper...and will be a frequently reread.

Too many oozing orifices and a lackluster storyline.

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