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Eve Bunting
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He Perdido MIS Calcetines! (2014)

This is a children’s book written by Eve Bunting about a little duck who seems to have lost his new blue socks. The pictures in the first few pages really describe where the duck is looking for his socks. The ducks facial expressions are also shown in great detail in the story. I believe this is ...

He Perdido MIS Calcetines! (2014) by Eve Bunting

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? (2013)

This book was a cute book about a little duck who thinks he lost his new blue socks. I thought this book was rather funny and the best part about it were the illustrations. I loved how they looked like they were done in crayon and used colors that were easy and appealing to the eye. Not only th...

Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? (2013) by Eve Bunting

The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2011)

Catherine always knew what her father was. She knew he was a pirate and one day she was going to join his crew. After her mother dies she does convince her father to let her disguise herself as a boy, Charlie, and become part of his pirate crew. What she doesn't realize is how rough life on a pir...

The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2011) by Eve Bunting

Tweak Tweak (2011)

Mommy's review from 9/30/11 - 2.5 - Bunting is another author I tend to swing both ways about. Much like Jane Yolen but not to the same degree. I loved the illustrations and everything about them. Sergio Ruzzier is one of my new favorite illustrators of all-time. I just wanted to keep looking and...

Tweak Tweak (2011) by Eve Bunting

Our Library (2008)

"Final Project" - Author Study: Eve BuntingThis was not my favorite book. It is fairly lengthy and in my opinion would be a little hard for a primary child to follow for the duration of the reading. However, it contains repetition and some easily identifiable sight words, which would help assis...

Our Library (2008) by Eve Bunting

Pirate Boy (2011)

Audience - Boys and Girls, Age three to Third Grade. Teachers, Parents, Early Childhood Programs. Appeal - This is a cute book about a young boy who wonders what it would be like to travel on a pirate ship. His mother reassures him through the book that there is nothing that would keep her fro...

Pirate Boy (2011) by Eve Bunting

The Summer of Riley (2002)

I started this book over the summer and got to page 80 and then never finished it. I really like this book and I am hoping to finish it. This book has gotten a lot more interesting since the first 20 pages. The first 20 pages only explained about the dog and his new family which connected to my s...

The Summer of Riley (2002) by Eve Bunting

Spying on Miss Muller (1996)

Spying on Miss Muller is a mystery about a girl named Jessie that goes to a boarding school in Belfast. Her German teacher, Miss Muller, climbs the stairs to an off limits place, and Jessie was spying on her. Readers think that Miss Muller was a Nazi agent. Later on that night, an air raid comes ...

Spying on Miss Muller (1996) by Eve Bunting

The Presence: A Ghost Story (2003)

A brutal car accident that claimed the life of her best friend has left seventeen-year-old Catherine in a state of shock and severe depression. She longs to move forward with her life, but feels she can’t until she is somehow assured of her friend’s forgiveness. On a Christmas visit to her grandm...

The Presence: A Ghost Story (2003) by Eve Bunting

Hurry! Hurry! (2007)

Rooster is spreading the word: Hurry! Hurry! All the animals rush to the barn--and arrive just in time to greet the tiniest member of the farm family, hatching out of his egg. Eve Bunting's simple energetic text and Jeff Mack's colorful art come together in a joyful book that's perfect for presch...

Hurry! Hurry! (2007) by Eve Bunting

S.O.S. Titanic (2012)

Worst Titanic book I ever read: the very little plot that there was, had superstitions and rude underhanded behaviours and was only about the boat. And despite the author's assurance of research of history...there was very little of interest to be had in this book. :P Besides that, I'm not sure i...

S.O.S. Titanic (2012) by Eve Bunting

A Sudden Silence (2007)

Jesse Harmon is tortured by guilt because he survived the hit-and-run accident that killed his brother, Bry. His guilt is compounded when he finds he is attracted to Bry's girlfriend, Chloe. Together Jesse and Chloe try to track down the drunk driver who killed Bry--but discovering the driver's i...

A Sudden Silence (2007) by Eve Bunting

The Man with the Red Bag (2007)

Right from the beginning I was suspicious of the man. Right from the minute he got on the bus. Maybe it was because he acted so strangely about the bag. But mostly it was because of the way he looked. And because my ears started tingling at the sight of him—an ancient warning of danger, not to ...

The Man with the Red Bag (2007) by Eve Bunting

Is Anybody There? (1998)

CHAPTER11 When I woke up Christmas Eve morning I didn’t feel happy the way I do most Christmas Eves. It took a while to remember why: Nick, and last night. Mom was in the kitchen eating a toasted muffin and jelly and drinking coffee. “Want some?” she asked. “No thanks.” I got out the fruit-and-br...

Is Anybody There? (1998) by Eve Bunting

Frog's Flying Adventure (2012)

It was in the long grass. What is that? Frog wondered. He hopped over to check. It was a pretty red flower growing close to his pond. Just to look at it made Frog happy. “Come and see Flower,” he told his friends. “Isn’t she pretty?” “Oh yes.” His friends liked her as much as he did. “Her name is...

Frog's Flying Adventure (2012) by Eve Bunting


The morning had passed, Angus MacCormick had said a storm was coming, and he was never wrong. We were already into the afternoon. I was becoming more and more concerned that my aunt and uncle would have returned. And that the storm might come early.“Go, Dobbin,” I told him, but he did not alter h...

Forbidden by Eve Bunting

The Best Summer Ever (2012)

Sometimes they talked about how different they were. It was a game they liked to play. “I swim and you do not,” Frog said, not unkindly. “I fly and you do not,” Little Brown Bat said. Frog nodded. “But I am a good leaper. Sometimes leaping feels like flying.” “I can understand that,” Little Brown...

The Best Summer Ever (2012) by Eve Bunting

Finn McCool and the Great Fish (2010)

Finn McCool And the great fish To Ireland, land of my memories —E.B. For Uncle ZZ —Z.P.

Finn McCool and the Great Fish (2010) by Eve Bunting

The Presence

Noah today. Miss Lovelace today. I wrapped my arms tight around myself and squeezed my eyes shut. Terrifying, both of these appointments, but necessary, and, in the end, I hoped, good. Fleetingly, I remembered last night and being with Collin. There was a sweetness then. But Collin would have to ...

The Presence by Eve Bunting

Frog and Friends (2010)

CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CLUMP. CLUMP, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. He hopped quickly into his pond and peered over the edge. Something was coming. Something BIG. “Hello,” a big voice said. “Hello,” Frog stammered. “Who are you?” “I am Hippopotamus.” Frog quaked. This must be the biggest animal in the world. He had he...

Frog and Friends (2010) by Eve Bunting

Party at the Pond (2011)

He liked to dance at night. When there was no one to see. He danced when he was happy. “Tra-la-la-la-la.” He danced when he was sad. Dancing made him happy again. He danced when it was wet and rain dripped from the trees. “Spitter, spatter, splash. Lovely!” Frog danced to the moon and the stars a...

Party at the Pond (2011) by Eve Bunting

The Voyage of the Sea Wolf (2012)

I spoke softly to them. “Did you miss me? I miss you.” I bent across the enclosure and kissed the wiry, goat-smelling top of Daisy’s head. “I thought perhaps to take you with me on the Sea Wolf. But your fate would be the same there as here. And I hope that perchance when this ship is careened fo...

The Voyage of the Sea Wolf (2012) by Eve Bunting

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