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Read The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2011)

The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2011)

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1585365254 (ISBN13: 9781585365258)
Sleeping Bear Press

The Pirate Captain's Daughter (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

Catherine always knew what her father was. She knew he was a pirate and one day she was going to join his crew. After her mother dies she does convince her father to let her disguise herself as a boy, Charlie, and become part of his pirate crew. What she doesn't realize is how rough life on a pirate ship is or how different her father is at sea. Catherine is naive and stupid in this book. She idealizes pirate life and then can't handle true life on a pirate's ship. Could be pretty realistic but I just found her story hard to read. She isn't a relateable character nor is she a likeable one. I also couldn't believe how her father acted. After she convinces him to let her join him he sets up all these conditions for her. But then he doesn't abide by them at all. He calls her Catherine instead of Charlie all the time and treats her like a girl instead of the son she is supposed to be. All the characters on the pirate ship are pretty one note, there is no depth or character development for any of them. And don't get me started on the "romance" which I found just idiotic. The only good thing I can say is that it was short so there wasn't a long frustrating read. I liked the movement of the heroine from a romantic to a realist. The unveiling of the romance of historic pirates is well done. The ending is expected but satisfying.Book Talk:Catherine always knew her father was a pirate. She dreamed of joining him. She imagined sailing with the wind blowing through her hair with the blue seas stretched out before her. Her mother died and her dream came true. It meant she had to dress as a boy, for women are considered bad luck on a pirate ship. But soon foul food, violence and bloodshed turned her dream to nightmare then to terror as Catherine fights for her life.

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Inspired by real girl pirates, this is an adventure story for girls.

it was a great love story!!!!

Trite. Don't bother.

Abrupt ending!

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