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H. I. Larry
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Mind Games (2010)

Men in suits shouted and swayed. Women in their best dresses teetered in high-heeled shoes. None of these people look like hackers, thought Zac. Actually, they look like an ad for staying at home with a good DVD. Just then, the bouncer unclipped the velvet rope blocking the entrance. He waved a c...

Mind Games (2010) by H. I. Larry

Deep Waters (2010)

Zac’s brother Leon would have known exactly how to get the amphibious submersible started. The entire Power family were spies, but Leon was the techno-geek of the family. But after Zac almost single-handedly completed their Poison Island mission and saved Leon’s life, GIB had decided Zac was read...

Deep Waters (2010) by H. I. Larry

Code Red (2010)

Zac Power’s eyes flashed open. He’d been dozing, but a strange noise had woken him up. It took him a second to remember that he was in the rescue chopper. There were two other choppers flying alongside his. Zac was on the way back to GIB Headquarters with the agents he had rescued from the Black ...

Code Red (2010) by H. I. Larry

Frozen Fear (2010)

WHIRR! The robotic seal sped away. Zac raced after it across the ice. But running was impossible! Zac slipped. He slid about. He fell flat on his bum a hundred times over. Where is the seal heading? Towards the seal research station, it looked like. Does that mean the researchers are up to no goo...

Frozen Fear (2010) by H. I. Larry

Swamp Race (2013)

He spotted a big laundry service van parked on the other side of the street. Zac knew that this was no ordinary van. It was the Mobile Technology Lab, Leon’s disguised laboratory on wheels. Zac slid open the van door and climbed in. Inside the MTL, Leon was busy tinkering at a workbench. Tinkerin...

Swamp Race (2013) by H. I. Larry

Base Camp (2010)

‘What’s BIG doing that’s so, er, big?’ ‘The head of BIG has just received a powerful new weapon,’ said Agent Big Boss. ‘It’s the most dangerous piece of technology they’ve ever gotten their hands on.’ ‘What kind of weapon is it?’ Zac asked. ‘Well, we’re a bit short on details,’ Agent Big Boss adm...

Base Camp (2010) by H. I. Larry

Blockbuster (2010)

How would BIG try to brainwash him? And more importantly, how dare Caz call him a loser? He was furious, but he took some deep breaths. Stay calm, he told himself, she’s about to spill the beans on her evil plan. ‘Using Cinemania Studios as our front, we’ve shot a new spy movie, Covert Operations...

Blockbuster (2010) by H. I. Larry

Tomb of Doom (2010)

It was a tight squeeze and he couldn’t see any light ahead. But the tunnel was sloping upwards and to Zac’s relief it wasn’t long before he climbed back into the main passageway. His SpyPad was on the ground near the edge of the hole. Zac grabbed it and checked the time. It was already dawn and h...

Tomb of Doom (2010) by H. I. Larry

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