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Tomb of Doom (2010)

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Hardie Grant Egmont

Tomb Of Doom (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

It was a tight squeeze and he couldn’t see any light ahead. But the tunnel was sloping upwards and to Zac’s relief it wasn’t long before he climbed back into the main passageway.
His SpyPad was on the ground near the edge of the hole. Zac grabbed it and checked the time.
It was already dawn and he was no closer to finding Agent Track Star. Suddenly, the ground trembled again. Zac covered his head as pebbles pelted down. They were becoming stronger. Zac had to hurry!
Zac tied his beetle-torch to his PyramidPack as he hurried along. Ahead of him the corridor went off in two different directions. Which way should I go? There was no way he wanted to end up down another hole.
Then Zac saw something out of the corner of his eye. There was writing on the floor of the left-hand passage.
He shone the SpyPad’s glowing screen at the spot but the word instantly vanished. Zac was puzzled for a moment. Then he had an idea. Maybe whatever it is can only be seen with ultraviolet light.
Zac shone the beetle-torch over the ground.

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