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Shelly Crane
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Accordance (2000)

I really couldn't finish this book... Even though I enjoyed the first one, I sort of expected that the story would move on and get more exciting in the second book. However, I found myself reading up to half way and nothing new or even remotely exciting had happened.... I found too much all the f...

Accordance (2000) by Shelly Crane

Significance (2000)

2.5 stars.WARNING: This book had strong Twilight vibes. So if you didn't like that, then I suggest you stay well away.This book would have earned a higher rating if the paranormal aspect was focused on slightly more, to balance out the romance more. The second half of the book was slightly better...

Significance (2000) by Shelly Crane

Smash Into You (2000)

after the Significance series, i haven't read anything by Shelly Crane until this book, and i can't believe i waited so long!!! Just loved it! it had everything i like in a book, lots of action, a strong and handsome male character and eternal love, just perfect! and i like that is a stand alone ...

Smash Into You (2000) by Shelly Crane

Wide Spaces (2000)

This novella picks up where Wide Awake left off. Mason and Emma are planning a New Year's wedding. Mason is as sweet as ever. A revelation during one of his mother's lucid moments gave him some closure about the accident and allowed him to let go of some of his guilt. But accidents just won't...

Wide Spaces (2000) by Shelly Crane

The Other Side Of Gravity (Oxygen, #1)

“Pritchard. Dude, you can’t sneak up on people.”“Why so nervous, Maxton?” He eyed Sophelia, which had me perking up. “Is it this piece here? You trying to show her a good time?” He slapped my arm so hard I was sure I’d have a bruise. Pritchard went too hard on the steroidal elements. “You right l...

The Other Side Of Gravity (Oxygen, #1) by Shelly Crane


Her breathing was changing and I knew it was almost over. I wanted to wake her. I hated to feel her fear; it wasn’t as bad feeding off her sorrow though and honestly, I needed to feed when I could. So I sat in the chair and soaked up her anxiety, hating every single second of it. I gripped my fis...

Altered by Shelly Crane

Wide Awake (2013)

My chest hurt so badly and my lungs begged for air. I felt a hand on my cheek and looked up, ready to fall into Mason's hazels, but it was Rhett. He seemed confused and that just made me hurt even more. I turned away, pressing my cheek to the cloth seat, and saw out of the corner of my eye as he ...

Wide Awake (2013) by Shelly Crane


It was night time again. She was changing her clothes and looking at her stomach. It was so thin and I knew she was getting self-conscious about it. But it wasn't her fault. Everyone was struggling with that part.                   "Thanks," she said half-heartedly and then tr...

Revolution by Shelly Crane

Wide Open

I sobbed so hard that my eyes wouldn’t stay open any longer.I never wanted anyone before, never wanted the hassle of having another person try to pry his way into a heart that was broken long ago.I thought I was a lost cause, an empty shell, a vacant body wandering around, waiting for the next pe...

Wide Open by Shelly Crane


It was one of the things I never fought the council on—to be separated from everyone else. Their Visionary was royalty. Fine. So Caleb and I stayed in the same room for every reunification. The kids stayed in the room next to us until they were old enough to start staying upstairs with everyone e...

Consequence by Shelly Crane


I reached my foot over and pressed the gas further down. Jeff yelled, asking me what I was doing.              "I'm running down the bastard."              "He's a human!" he spouted.              "A human who's shooting at us!" He grunted and I peeked up just as fat boy jumped out of the way. "D...

Catalyst by Shelly Crane


he answered gruffly and looked up to me. “She left the bird there once when she went to come after me. I went back to the cave after some time and saw that she had abandoned it. She’s never tried to take it back since.” He took a deep breath. “I’ll be honest, you deserve that. I never brought it ...

Devour by Shelly Crane


Celeste and I helped Trudy make dinner for everyone. Mashed potatoes, meatloaf and green beans. After eating pasta and canned soup for a month, it was the most delicious looking thing ever, I could barely wait to finish cooking it and then have to wait to eat it.     There was...

Collide by Shelly Crane


Sitting here. Wondering what I’m gonna do. How could she? How could he?     Why? WHY?     All the while Piper’s hand on my back to soothe me. To calm me but it’s doing everything but. I’ve all but bit her head off, and even did that too, to get her to leave...

Uprising by Shelly Crane

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