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Significance (2000)

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1481200577 (ISBN13: 9781481200578)

Significance (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

2.5 stars.WARNING: This book had strong Twilight vibes. So if you didn't like that, then I suggest you stay well away.This book would have earned a higher rating if the paranormal aspect was focused on slightly more, to balance out the romance more. The second half of the book was slightly better, but I still found it hard to concentrate on what was going due to the whole book being very drawn out. The last chapter, however, was really funny. When I first started reading the book, I almost stopped once they started talking about imprinting and what not. I'm not into the whole supernatural thing. However, I'm glad I kept reading. Even though everything happened super fast (as most romances do in books like these) I loved the chemistry between Maggie and Caleb. I also thought it was awesome how they could read it each other. That would save us some time in relationships these days, lol. Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I read the synopsis for the other books in the series, and I think I might just have to quit while I'm ahead. I'm pretty sure it all works out in the end :)

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Had a fun time reading this. I look forward to reading the rest if the series.

this book is good but it is a bit overbearng on some of the topics.

Just read it and you will thank me!


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