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Accordance (2000)

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Accordance (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

I really couldn't finish this book... Even though I enjoyed the first one, I sort of expected that the story would move on and get more exciting in the second book. However, I found myself reading up to half way and nothing new or even remotely exciting had happened.... I found too much all the feelings that were explained over and over again, and the thoughts that the two characters were exchanging with each other.... It was actually draining reading it... Hmmm, my interest was slowing waning by the end... More to come.I guess I just felt so blown away by the first one that I had really high expectations for this one as well. I think part of it is that the novelty just wore out... But it was still a pretty good book! I still die for Caleb ❤️I can't decide if I need a little break from the series or if I should dive right back into the next one...

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I loved it! There wasn't any thing bad in it. can't. wait for the next one

Really, really good!!!


This was a amazing!

So much drama!

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