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The Slaying of the Shrew (2002)

Will Shakespeare, Symington "Tuck" Smythe, and their band of thespian associates are contracted to provide entertainment at a rural estate as part of a large wedding pageant. When the headstrong bride turns up dead, and overheard conversations contain conspiratorial plots against the families in...

The Slaying of the Shrew (2002) by Simon Hawke

The Merchant of Vengeance (2003)

Will, the fledgling playwright and poet, and Tuck, the would-be actor and rest-of-the-time ostler, have been enjoying their lives on and behind the stage...if only it wasn't for the occasional interruptions: plague, the closing of the theater for reasons of law or finance, and the occasional murd...

The Merchant of Vengeance (2003) by Simon Hawke

The Hellfire Rebellion (1990)

Mass market paperback

The Hellfire Rebellion (1990) by Simon Hawke

The Ivanhoe Gambit (2013)

Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews During my teen years back in the early 1980s, my reading consisted of D&D modules/rule books, comics (mainly Marvel), “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, and Star Wars novels. Everything else I sort of stayed away from. But then one day I stumbled on th...

The Ivanhoe Gambit (2013) by Simon Hawke

The Pimpernel Plot (1999)

Ok I must apologise I have no idea what happened (although my iMac and I had a major falling out) but it seems my reviews got a bit mixed up. Anyway this I assure you is for the 3rd Time wars book the Pimpernel plot. Now as you realise that you have a book of fiction using a fictitious character ...

The Pimpernel Plot (1999) by Simon Hawke

The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999)

Now the real story starts to become apparent, yes the idea of fighting your battles in the past hidden amongst the historical conflicts may not have been appealing but the realisation that even greater stakes are now becoming apparent suddenly puts things in to perspective and the conflict though...

The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999) by Simon Hawke

A Mystery of Errors (2001)

Two travelers, Will Shakespeare-a fledgling dramatist, and Symington Smythe, an ostler and aspiring thespian, meet at a roadside inn and decide to cast their lot together for fame and fortune in the cutthroat world of the London theater in Elizabethan England . . . but neither was prepared for th...

A Mystery of Errors (2001) by Simon Hawke

The Argonaut Affair (1987)

Traveling with Jason on his mighty vessel, The Argos, in search of the Golden Fleece, Time Commandos Forrester, Cross and Delaney encounter some legendary figures from the past--Hercules, Theseus, Orpheus--and some unlikely surprises. Advertising in Locus.

The Argonaut Affair (1987) by Simon Hawke

The Dracula Caper (1988)

A plague of vampires and werewolves falls on Victorian England in the late 1800's, but there's nothing supernatural about these creatures. They're genetically engineered monsters from the future, dropped into the past as a terrorist tactic in the Time Wars. To Scotland Yard, it's a mystery more...

The Dracula Caper (1988) by Simon Hawke

The Lilliput Legion (1989)

The Time Commandos face a new generation of General Drakov's bio-engineered humanoids - but just how deadly could these tiny enemies be? Just six inches tall, the Lilliputian warriors are armed with laser rifles and a vast technology that threatens the existence of two universes! In eighteenth-ce...

The Lilliput Legion (1989) by Simon Hawke

The Zenda Vendetta (1985)

So the series keeps up the thrills and action of the earlier entries only this time they actually make reference to the fictional book that the events are based (in, around, on?) although it is not as complete as they would want it to be. There are some interesting depths added to the characters ...

The Zenda Vendetta (1985) by Simon Hawke

The Six-Gun Solution (1991)

The Time Commandos travel back in time to the American Frontier to investigate the disappearance of three missing agents.

The Six-Gun Solution (1991) by Simon Hawke

The Nautilus Sanction (1999)

This I think (and I see I am not the only one) is where the series starts to forge away in a new direction with the creation of its own villain- yes you have an inclining of it in the fact we are referring to the nautilus and Captain Nemo - again you have the literary nod to the Verne classic but...

The Nautilus Sanction (1999) by Simon Hawke

Much Ado About Murder (2004)

Fledgling playwright Will Shakespeare and Symington Smythe, ostler and would-be thespian, and are now firmly ensconced in their theater company . . . But due to the plague, all of London's theaters have been closed, its players now broke, forcing our intrepid duo to seek employment in other lines...

Much Ado About Murder (2004) by Simon Hawke

The Reluctant Sorcerer (1992)

Accidentally transported through time to a parallel universe where magic really works, bumbling genius Dr. Marvin Brewster is mistaken for a sorcerer and must escape through a route controlled by the Grand Director of the sorcerers' guild.

The Reluctant Sorcerer (1992) by Simon Hawke

The Khyber Connection (1986)

Hmm tricky one here not to talk about the book and give things away as now the real picture the big story (and all those other pompous phrases) swing in to full effect as the real danger comes to the front and worlds literally start to collide. The story is fast paced and has a few surprises in s...

The Khyber Connection (1986) by Simon Hawke

TW06 The Khyber Connection NEW (2013)

When this is over, Search and Retrieve will disinter the body and return it to the time where it belongs. And another name will be added to the Wall of Honor at Division Headquarters, with a posthumous commendation. He could not believe it. He had seen men die in combat throughout all of history,...

TW06 The Khyber Connection NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW04 The Zenda Vendetta NEW (2013)

He should have told them at the briefing. He wanted to, but he had not been able to bring himself to do it. He had rationalized. They were the three finest soldiers under his command. They had never failed before. They would not fail now, he told himself. They will neutralize the threat, effect t...

TW04 The Zenda Vendetta NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW02 The Timekeeper Conspiracy NEW (2013)

He had come to see an old friend and he now found himself facing an extremely agitated young woman dressed in nothing save her undergarments. His eyes took in the harried look that spoke of little, if any, sleep. He noticed the uncharacteristically short blonde hair, worn in a male fashion, the f...

TW02 The Timekeeper Conspiracy NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW08 The Dracula Caper NEW (2013)

"You're not going mad. You're only dreaming. This cannot possibly be happening. There is a rational explanation for all this, there has to be—" Moreau suddenly reappeared before him and Wells jumped about a foot. Moreau was sweating heavily and his shirt clung to him, as if he h...

TW08 The Dracula Caper NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW07 The Argonaut Affair NEW (2013)

"There are two significant points there, again, neither of which can be substantiated, but the circumstantial evidence in their support is strong. Drakov told us they were early prototypes of hominoids made for S.O.G., a number of which he had stolen. That, combined with the fact of the dead...

TW07 The Argonaut Affair NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW10 The Hellfire Rebellion NEW (2013)

"They're with us in the cause." Edes nodded. "Forgive me, but these are troublesome times." he said. "A man cannot be too careful. The council is meeting even as we speak. Hancock has lodged a formal protest against the seizure of his vessel and a delegation is to be ...

TW10 The Hellfire Rebellion NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW03 The Pimpernel Plot NEW (2013)

Finn had mentioned the matter to Andre afterwards when he instructed her to stay close to Marguerite and gain her confidence, so that he would be kept informed if he suddenly exhibited any other uncharacteristic behavior. To which end, Andre was soon able to tell him that Marguerite was mystified...

TW03 The Pimpernel Plot NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW09 The Lilliput Legion NEW (2013)

Anything at all! And be ready for it! Nothing is routine! Those fifteen men were lost because they were not good enough! And that was your responsibility, Colonel! It's your command! Don't come to me with excuses! I am not concerned with excuses, only with results! Is that clear?" &q...

TW09 The Lilliput Legion NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

RS01. The Reluctant Sorcerer

Clarke once said that any sufficiently advanced technology would seem like sorcery to those who didn’t understand it. (That was only a paraphrase, of course. Clarke said it a lot more elegantly, which is why he gets the big bucks.) And it’s quite true. It is an inescapable fact of human nature th...

RS01. The Reluctant Sorcerer by Simon Hawke

TW12 The Six-Gun Solution NEW (2013)

Cloned in a laboratory, she had been raised to believe she wasn't human, but some sort of clever simulacrum. It was simply monstrous. Unlike other hominoids that Neilson had encountered, she had not been artificially mutated into some sort of frightening creature, her mind had not been destro...

TW12 The Six-Gun Solution NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW05 The Nautilus Sanction NEW (2013)

Verne,” said Drakov, “you are a man of imagination to whom science is an avocation. Perhaps you will better understand when I explain to you how this discovery came about. Within a few short years, within your own lifetime, Mr. Verne, the first of two discoveries which will change the world will ...

TW05 The Nautilus Sanction NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW11 The Cleopatra Crisis NEW (2013)

The house of Gaius Cassius Longinus was surrounded by a wall, as were the homes of all wealthy Romans, for the city had been growing at an alarming rate. Every day, more and more refugees arrived from the provinces. It was no longer safe to travel alone at night. The streets were choked with thie...

TW11 The Cleopatra Crisis NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

TW01 The Ivanhoe Gambit NEW (2013)

The memory of their joust was still fresh in his mind and he still felt the burning shame of it. Everything about the white knight made him furious. The man would not reveal his face or state his name; he clearly showed himself to be a Saxon by declaring war upon the Norman knights and that a Sax...

TW01 The Ivanhoe Gambit NEW (2013) by Simon Hawke

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