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The Pimpernel Plot (1999)

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The Pimpernel Plot (1999) - Plot & Excerpts

Ok I must apologise I have no idea what happened (although my iMac and I had a major falling out) but it seems my reviews got a bit mixed up. Anyway this I assure you is for the 3rd Time wars book the Pimpernel plot. Now as you realise that you have a book of fiction using a fictitious character as its main plot device. Ok now that has been cleared up you can appreciate when things start to get a little interesting when our time travelling commandos have to improvise when things go a little sideways. So what can I say about the storyline - well all I can say that the action is suitable for any of Baroness Orczy's creations, and as for the story arc - its still there simmering away in the back ground.

Update: I read this again three years ago, and tried Orczy's original, but it sat only 25% read. And I stopped re-reading Hawke's series at this point. I've decided that I don't need to read Dumas, and I seriously doubt I'll read Orczy, but I do believe that this time through, I'll make it past #3. I'd forgotten the intrigue Hawke began in this book.Fun, light lit. Re-reading the series has actually inspired me to read the literature it is based on. Plowing my way through Ivanhoe now, and tag-teaming The Scarlet Pimpernel, that tome The Three Musketeers will have to wait!

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