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The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999)

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The Timekeeper Conspiracy (1999) - Plot & Excerpts

Now the real story starts to become apparent, yes the idea of fighting your battles in the past hidden amongst the historical conflicts may not have been appealing but the realisation that even greater stakes are now becoming apparent suddenly puts things in to perspective and the conflict though none the less real and lethal take on a whole new importance. After all who knew if one false move meant that you could never return back to the future you knew and loved. I am sure like many historical stories there will be those out there who nitpick and criticise the factual correctness of the setting or even the characters (since they too are technically fictitious) but to be honest once the story gets underway who cares - all you want to know is how they are going to get out of this one.

Update: The original comments were from a couple of years ago. I still rate this with four stars, although I'm still laughing at one particular tavern scene early in the book. It had me laughing out loud last night...I'd forgotten. That might earn another half star.I have read all of the Timewars books, and thoroughly enjoy how Simon Hawke wove literature into an entertaining sci-fi tableau. Re-reading the first two while on vacation has renewed my interest and inspired me to read Ivanhoe and The Three Musketeers. I might even make my way through the other classics. Good fun!

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