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Tasha Ivey
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Destiny Ever-Changing (2013)

The book started off good but by the end it got kind of sappy. I liked have Brooks's pov along with Laura's. Some of the plot was predictable. I had a feeling who Joe really was so it wasn't a suprise to find out I was right. I also suspected Alex and Jacqueline would hook up, especially when Jac...

Destiny Ever-Changing (2013) by Tasha Ivey

Every Kiss (2013)

I found it strange that the end of the book was at the beginning. I thought now thatI knew the ending how could I be surprised or shocked with anything in between.Well, I was both surprised and shocked. Once I started reading, I had to know moreabout this Wesley Baxter. He wriggled his way under ...

Every Kiss (2013) by Tasha Ivey

Every Glance (Every Life #3)

YOU CLEAN up nice.” Kyler steps onto the front porch, pulling the heavy wooden door closed behind her, but my attention is caught by the curtains moving in the window. “Oh, don’t mind her. That’s just my roommate checking you out. And just so you know, I think a white dress shirt with rolled up s...

Every Glance (Every Life #3) by Tasha Ivey

Every Breath

Drew asks as soon as we sit down to dinner. “I tried to call a couple of times here at the house and didn’t get an answer. I thought you may have gone back to sleep, so I didn’t call your cell. But when I came home this afternoon to pick up some equipment that I forgot, I saw you weren’t here. Yo...

Every Breath by Tasha Ivey

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