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Every Kiss (2013)

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Every Kiss (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

I found it strange that the end of the book was at the beginning. I thought now thatI knew the ending how could I be surprised or shocked with anything in between.Well, I was both surprised and shocked. Once I started reading, I had to know moreabout this Wesley Baxter. He wriggled his way under my skin and the moreI knew about him, or thought I knew, the more I needed to know. His mood swings with Callie had me banging my kindle on my lap wishing it was his head I was knocking some sense into. His trust issues with women were gutting me. There weretimes I felt as Callie did, get over it, move on and live your life, don’t run from it!The playful and not so playful banter between Callie and Wes was driving me crazy,I knew from the Prologue that they would eventually be together but the strugglesto get there were making me hyperventilate!I adored Callie, she is a strong and caring young woman and it ripped my heart whenWes would say hurtful things to her. Her humor had me cracking up with what cameout of her mouth.I loved this story, a searing love story with the pain of a haunting past. Both Wes andCallie fear rejection but it’s her strength and determination that brings Wes’ past to the present for him to face and conquer whether she’s part of his future or not.My emotions were all over the place, first I’d be smiling and giddy when they connected, then I was laughing at Callie’s analogies of a situation and then I’d be tearful, feeling the hurt that Wes inflicted on Callie.I had a swoon moment when Wes gave Callie her birthday cupcake and toldher to make a wish, and what did she do...she wished for Wes to find peace and trust in his life, just another reason I love this girl!and they started talking about my favorite 80’s movie!The scene in the hot tub when Wes makes his presence known and CallieChants to herself, “Don’t look at him, Don’t look at him and then “Oh, damn, I just looked at his package. Close your eyes, Callie. Abort. Abort!” I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to wet my pants.A few surprises in the end I didn’t see coming and I can’t wait to see what’s next in Every Glance. I don’t know how I missed Every Breath but I will remedy that soon!I was wrong when I thought knowing the ending first would ruin the rest ofthe story, just the opposite, it possessed me and wouldn’t let go untilthe very end or beginning, yes I went back and read the prologue again.

Every Kiss is the standalone book #2 in the Every Life Series by Tasha Ivey. Every Breath is book #1.Callie was one of my favorite characters in Every Breath. She was feisty, fun, and hilarious. She did not disappoint in Every Kiss and she sure kept Wes on his toes. On one hand Wes was the perfect guy... he was funny, thoughtful, and caring. Yet on the other hand he was stubborn, broken, closed off, and hurting. Callie was (I thought) very patient with Wes and his commitment issues."All I’m left with is the realization of how wrong I could be about everything. I know now that I could fall for him, if only he’d let me."The sparring between Callie and Wes was hilarious. They are a truly funny couple and I laughed every time they "accidentally" saw each other naked.“Come on. You have to make a birthday wish before time runs out.” I make a fist but hold up my index finger. “Pretend this is your candle. Go.” “Callie, don’t be ridiculous. “I’m not. If you don’t make a birthday wish, I’ll make one for you. And you’ll regret that when you wake up three inches shorter in the morning. And I don’t mean your height.”Callie was such an honorable friend and girlfriend. She kept his secrets and tried to love him and help him even when their friends chastised her. It was somewhat bittersweet to read about their friends Makenna and Shane (from Every Breath) being so happy in college knowing what lies ahead for them.... but at the same time it was sweet. Almost as if the reader was reminiscing about their love story as well... as if we were reading two love stories at the same time.The beauty of these books by Tasha Ivey is how well they weave together and how deep the emotions run. This was such a sweet and meaningful romance and I encourage you to pick up Every Kiss (4 stars), settle in with some chocolate chip pancakes and me there are a few embers to light your fire! Be sure to read Every Breath (5 stars) if you want another fantastic book as well! Hats off to Tasha Ivey!"Before I drifted off, he kissed me one last time, slow and tender. Merciful. Making me believe there just might be a tomorrow for us."

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ARC ProvidedThis book back tracks from the first book Every Breath. In the first book we meet Callie and Wes as a married couple that seem to be very much in love and have it together. But this book we get to see how they got together.Callie was just a normal girl that was going to school and tired of being used by men. She meets Wes at his party and sparks fly. They flirt have a few hot moments, but he knows that he can not give her what she wants. But like all things there is a fine line that you can TRY to no cross right? Well Wes has had his own issues with heart break but he would rather TRY to be friends with Callie than not talk to her at all. Sure she is a few years younger but she is more mature than people his age. Wes comes with his own secrets and issues that have him closed off from relationships and I can't say that I entirely blame him.Well they get close then they back up and yet they push the envelope with just how close they can get with out crossing the line. Then, well....Callie has had enough and she wants Wes."The warning bells are going off big time. This man is going to break my heart. And I'm going to let him."Callie is a strong woman, she puts up with a lot of shit that Wes gives her and she takes it. She does not it let her break her. Callie fights all the way for Wes and tries to help him put to rest his past.Wes is really deep down a good man who has great parents and great friends. I enjoyed the book and I am glad that I got to read there story.

***ARC received 26/11/13 in exchange for an honest review*** "I want to end it now while you still want me around because I'm pretty sure that knowing you don't would cut me deeper than anyone ever has."Wesley is such a complex character that you can't help but fall in love with, we first met him in 'Every Breath' as the laid back guy, enjoying life with the love of his life and expecting his unborn child. However as you'll find out as you read Every Kiss, it wasn't all flowers and rainbows for these two, they had a long and tedious road to travel to get to where they are now. The ups and down were so beautifully written, that I lost myself so completely I read straight though, only stoping at one mark as I couldn't see through the powerful tears Tasha's writing wrung from my heart and soul! "All I'm left with is the realisation of how wrong I could be about everything, I know now that I could fall for him, if he'd let me." Callie we also met in 'Every Breath' as the crazy and opinionated best friend of Mak. Going back to see where it all started was amazing. This girl is not only stubborn and relentless, she is also incredibly strong and caring, a total and utter sweetheart. I fell in love with her all over again. Funniest line in the whole book --- "You don't need four if you get a big enough one to begin with."I can not wait for the next instalment! Thank you Tasha for a wonderful novel that had me captivated from the first page!
—Skye Burling-Briggs

Tasha told me I would love Wes in this and she was right! I will admit in was nervous to read this one because I read Every Breath and was heartbroken with Makenna over Shane. I wasn't sure if I could read the heartache again but I wanted to read Callie and Wes' story so I just jumped in. Their story wasn't easy like Shane and Makenna's was but that's what I loved about it. Callie is so feisty that only a strong man would be able to handle her. Wes is that man and so much more. He is not the carefree college student but a working man. The peeks that she gets of his life just make her want to know a little more about him and he is the same way. They are brutally honest with each other and yet they still manage to tumble into love. The twists and turns they face make them just a little bit stronger even if they don't see it. They make you want to know their story and how they will overcome everything. There were tears at the end with Wes' POV especially when he mentioned Shane but I knew there would be after getting to know him earlier in the book. Life has shaped Wes into the man he is when he is with Callie. I'm looking forward to Every Glance.
—Laura McKellips

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