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A Dead Man in Athens (2009)

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A Dead Man In Athens (2009) - Plot & Excerpts

Then he took it to an apothecary.
    ‘Could you tell me, please, what this might be prescribed for?’ The apothecary took one look at it and handed it back.
    ‘Constipation,’ he said.
    ‘And it’s powerful, is it?’ The apothecary took back the paper.
    ‘In the doses written, here, yes. It certainly is. Very.’ ‘Thank you.’ Seymour went to the Sultan’s house and asked to see the Lady Irina.
    A little later she appeared, veiled, as before, and with the attendant eunuch.
    ‘Would you tell the Lady Irina that I am glad to see she has recovered.’ ‘Recovered?’ ‘From her affliction.’ ‘Affliction?’ ‘The one that prompted her to seek the doctor’s help.
    ’ ‘Oh, that, yes. Yes, thank you. I have recovered.’ She has recovered, translated the eunuch. Needlessly, since she spoke in French and Seymour understood perfectly.

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