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Read Beneath The Moors And Darker Places [SSC]

Beneath the Moors and Darker Places [SSC]

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Beneath The Moors And Darker Places [SSC] - Plot & Excerpts

I had forgotten that fact, but yesterday I was reminded.
      Julie was up first, creating great smells of coffee and frying bacon. And me still in bed, drowsy, thinking how great it was to be nearly back to normal. Three months she’d been out of that place, and fit enough now to be first up, running about after me for a change.
      Her sweet voice called upstairs: “Post, darling!” And her slippers flip-flopping out onto the porch. Then those long moments of silence—until it dawned on me what she was doing. I knew it instinctively, the way you do about someone you love. She was screaming—but silently. A scream that came drilling into all my bones to shiver into shards right there in the marrow. Me out of bed like a puppet on some madman’s strings, jerked downstairs so as to break my neck, while the silent scream went on and on.
      And Julie standing there with her head thrown back and her mouth agape, and the unending scream not coming out.

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