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Read A Sickness In The Family (2010)

A Sickness in the Family (2010)

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1401210813 (ISBN13: 9781401210816)

A Sickness In The Family (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

Overall, I thought the story was mean. All the characters, except for the narrator, were angry, jealous, full of "me" attitude. Only one character, the adopted son, showed any compassion, and, in the end, he is punished and becomes what the others were. It is a sad, angry story. Well written. Ends with an unexpected twist which usually pleases me but the reasoning of the killer left me feeling bewildered.I found the drawings hard to distinguish one person from another or to easily see the attitude as the drawings were in black and white. But, the art did depict the anger I felt from each of the characters. I'm beginning to have more doubts about this Vertigo Crime series. A good crime book needs some time to create the proper level of atmosphere, and there are simply too many glossed-over details to accomplish that in this book. I'm also not a big fan of Fuso's art, which often makes it hard to tell the characters apart. That's a big no-no when your book hinges on demonstrating a twisted family dynamic like this one.

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I'm not sure graphic crime is my cup of tea. The story wasn't worth the time either.

Scared the bejesus out of me! Great scary story, awesome ending, excellent art.

Graphic novel - didn't read it!!

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