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Read Vakavasti Sairas Perhe (2011)

Vakavasti sairas perhe (2011)

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Egmont Kustannus Oy

Vakavasti Sairas Perhe (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

I thought it was just a gothic horror story and I enjoyed it up until that point that the mystery was solved. Then it became a gritty/dark mystery - a genre that I don't like. I wouldn't have read it if it was in graphic novel form. Sure everyone except the protagonist was unlikeable, but I thought that was what made them interesting. The ending twist was cliched and the foreshadowing didn't heighten the suspense, but gave it away.I gave it one star for being set in Glasgow. A modern gothic horror yarn.For a quick and dirty pulp novel, the art and the characters both were surprisingly deep and good. The story clung to my imagination long after I read the final page. The depravity and believability of the characters combined to create a nice, chilling atmosphere of a family turning against itself.The only real problem is that I've read this same basic book so many times before. If you've read one gothic novel, you've basically read all of them.I wish I could give it 3.5 stars, but I will stick with 3.

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Thoroughly enjoyed. The Vertigo Crime series has delivered consistently.

Liked it better than most of the other Vertigo Crime books.

This was a good novel to have gotten for halloween.

Disturbing and good. Predictable, but good.

Very creepy. Just okay, though.

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