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Aftershock (2011)

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Aftershock (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

The Cup match result was announced by Mr Hersee in assembly. The Head’s pride was the school’s pride, too, and some of the children dared to cheer.
‘We do not boo, we do not cheer at Imeson Street,’ Mr Hersee admonished. ‘We clap, like English gentlemen.’ ‘Magriotis isn’t one!’ Denny Clarke growled. ‘Dirty little Greek!’ He came out with insults in the playground every time Makis touched the ball. ‘Dirty Greek! Dirty Greek!’ But Makis didn’t let them get to him. The others, led by David Sutton, were shouting encouragement at him, and in the end Denny Clarke shut up.
No one could take away what had happened the afternoon before: Makis had been one of the team that had scored a David and Goliath victory. He was beginning to feel at home in Camden Town. And his reading in English was moved on to the Purple Spot in the lesson after dinner break. He couldn’t ask for much more.
But when he got home, more was given to him.
After their meal, again he asked his mother to help him with his reading – and she read with him the first three pages of the Red Spot book.

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