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An Indecent Proposition

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An Indecent Proposition - Plot & Excerpts

What he was doing was both undignified and foolhardy, but it would hopefully demonstrate his determination and the depth of his feelings.
All he wanted was to have a short civil conversation.
Well, that wasn’t all he wanted, but he would settle for a chance to be able to declare himself.
The window was ajar because of the warm night, which he’d counted on. He perched on his narrow vantage point and heard the murmur of voices inside, waiting for Annabel’s maid to leave. When the soft sound of the door clicking shut came, he braced himself, hoping the object of his visit wouldn’t scream down the house.
Lucky for him her back was turned as he pushed aside the drapes and slipped into the room. At her dressing table, she didn’t notice his precipitous entry until she caught sight of him in the mirror and her eyes widened.
Quickly, he said, “Don’t. If you scream, everyone in this house will know I’m in your bedroom.”
Her mouth, which had opened, snapped shut. Annabel whirled around on the chair so violently she almost toppled to the floor.

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