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All That Lies Within

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All That Lies Within - Plot & Excerpts

Dara asked, breathless. “Yes.” But she resumed right where they’d left off.“Dara?”“Yes? Oh. Inside. Right.” She struggled to get to her feet without relinquishing Rebecca’s lips. They tasted so sweet.Finally, Rebecca put a hand on Dara’s chest. “If you don’t stop kissing me right now, we’re going to make love out here and end up with sand in too many unmentionable places to count. Could make for an uncomfortable day on set for you tomorrow, picking sand out of—” Dara smothered Rebecca’s next words with another kiss. Without losing contact, she murmured, “Got it. Heading inside, right now.” It took all her willpower, but she managed to step back.“Why are you standing still?” Rebecca teased, as she grabbed Dara’s hand and ran toward the house.Dara barely managed to close and lock the glass doors before she whipped off Rebecca’s blouse and bra. “Far enough,” she breathed, pushing Rebecca up against the glass. Her hands skimmed the soft skin at the base of Rebecca’s breasts and the two women groaned in unison.

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