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Hell's Legionnaire (2012)

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Galaxy Press, L.L.C.

Hell's Legionnaire (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

One moment the Moroccan sunlight was warm and peaceful upon this high pass of the Atlas Mountains. The next lashed the world with the sound of flaming Sniders and Mannlichers and flintlocks.
Gray and brown djellabas swirled behind protecting rocks. Bloodshot eyes stared down sights.
Scorching lead reached in with hammers and battered out lives with the gruesome regularity of a ticking clock.
Ann Halliday’s shrill scream of terror was lost in an ocean of erupting sound. Her terrified Moorish barb plunged under her, striving to dash through the jamming corridor of the peaks.
Horses fell, maimed and screaming. Men died before they could reach their holsters, much less their guns. The two auto-rifles in the vanguard had been jerked from their packs but now they were covered with dust and blood and their gunners stared with glazed, dead eyes at the enemy, the Berbers.
John Halliday, Ann’s father, tried to ride back to her. Within five feet of her pony, he stiffened in his saddle, shot through the back.

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