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Armageddon: The Musical (1991)

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0552136816 (ISBN13: 9780552136815)
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Armageddon: The Musical (1991) - Plot & Excerpts

Yuk. Sigh. Look, this book should have been funny, or at least enjoyable, on paper. An absurd post apocalyptic story involving a time traveling elvis presley with a sprout in his head, a standard I’m just a normal person, why is this happening to me type hero, etc, etc, you can read the plot above or elsewhere below. There are a few problems, A) Its a comedy, B) Its not funny, C) Its a not funny comedy about religion and tv, and most importantly D) the author breaks the fourth wall every three pages, with a particularly rank form of smarmy-ness, that is downright uncomfortable, like when your significant other's creepy uncle tells you a lewd joke between puffs on a phillies cigar; that sort of uncomfortable. In short, this is a third rate douglas adams rip-off, which probably would be funny when you are 12, but now just makes me feel itchy and bad.

As always Robert Rankins alternate universe is one full of surprises. I am a fan of time sprouts and enjoyed the time travel in this story. I particularly enjoyed Rankins comic take on a post apocolyptic Earth and his views on realty TV and the ideas of a master plan I found to be as agreeable as they were hilarious. The unwitting hero Rex is a well written if put upon character and who doesnt love a bit of Elvis. My favourite parts of the story did focus around some of the "supporting cast" of Cahracters and I literally LOL'd during the parts of the story concerning Eric and Rambo. Definitely worth a read and I will definitely be continuing with the adventures of Elvis and his time sprout in the remainder of the trilogy.

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There are people who would love Rankin's zany take on the apocalypse. For me it's way too freewheeling and manic for me to enjoy it. It's as if The Hitchhiker's Guide was rewritten by someone on speed, smooshing all sorts of ideas in an almost incomprehensible mish-mosh. We've got Elvis, we've got a talking sprout, a future incarnation of the Dalai Lama, Jesus and his twin sister Christine, television, and post nuclear mad max shenanigans. I can't say that this book has no redeeming features, nor that there's not an audience for it. I can only say that I thoroughly did not enjoy it.

My slightly biased comments: Robert Rankin is an acquired taste; one that I succumbed to many moons ago (we once swapped autographed copies of our books) thanks to his Brentford Trilogy.This did not reach the heights of those titles but was worthy of his far-fetchedness. Where else would you find a post-nuclear Earth ruled by three religious factions: the latest in a long line of reincarnations of the Dali Lama, Pope Joan and the last descendant of L. Ron Hubbard. Throw in an Alien race watching it all as a Tv Show plus Elvis and a time-travelling sprout (yes I said SPROUT) and the wackiness never stops. Fans of the man will love this; others I'm not sure could cope and should instead try "The Antipope"
—P. Elliot

'And what about me?' Gloria asked.'Buggered if I know dear.' Ms Vrillium admired herself in the mirror. 'I expect we'll find out in the sequel. All this is really far too good to be true.'And it was.I think I read one of the sequels a long time ago, as Rex Mundi, his sister Gloria and the Time Sprout seemed familiar but the plot line didn't.Earth's history has been moulded by a television company on another planet at the behest of a mystery backer. But now ratings for 'The Earthers' are falling, and the television executives are wondering whether it's time to go for broke with a spectacular ending to the series.
—Isabel (kittiwake)

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