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At Last - Plot & Excerpts

“Perfect timing, Mr. Crane. Where is he?”
    Technically, she had lied to Kevin. Though she’d needed some more time to prepare for the showing, she had no intention of attending it. Curtis Browning was a highly regarded artist, and he trusted Liz with showing and auctioning his work, but they simply despised each other. But as a token of good faith Liz had left her assistant, the young and obscenely sexy Lance, in her place. And though Lance would hardly let himself be compromised by anyone, let alone some trite old art luminary, he did have a preternatural charm about him.
    By the time Lance was done with Curtis, he wouldn’t know what had hit him.
    This left Liz with plenty of time to hunt down cheating, dick-head Mark, which was exactly what she was doing two hours later as she entered the bar area of the Pine Mountain Lodge in Aspen, Colorado. She stopped at the periphery, finding the best angle to scope out the room.

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