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Backfire - Plot & Excerpts

Louis, Missouri. Tracy’s seat next to him was empty—she’d gone to the restroom. He stared out the window, watching as they approached the city. The flight seemed to have taken much too long to get there.
    He’d been surprised that Tracy hadn’t balked when he’d insisted on coming with her. But she’d had no one else and was too shaken up to travel alone. David imagined she’d agreed because she’d been so distraught upon hearing about her father and hadn’t had much fight left for anything else. Besides, she’d known he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
    All it had taken was grabbing a few essentials. Billy had already been waiting to fly them to Juneau, where they’d bought tickets to travel the rest of the way.
    He scratched his rough chin, thinking he might have forgotten his razor. He really didn’t know what he was doing in all this. The moment he’d learned she was in danger, he’d assigned himself as her personal protector.

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