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Read Bad Blood (Cora's Choice #3)

Bad Blood (Cora's Choice #3)

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Bad Blood (Cora's Choice #3) - Plot & Excerpts

“What is it?”
    “Scouts are reporting a roadblock.”
    “The police,” I said urgently. “They were possessed or something. They tried to shoot me.”
    Dorian nodded curtly. “I thought Etienne had sorted that,” he said into the handset.
    “He dealt with the department. These must be puppets.”
    His jaw flexed, annoyance flashing in his eyes. “Right, everybody. You know what to do.”
    He hung up the handset with a decisive click and flicked off the headlights, dropping back slightly to let the rear SUV pass.
    “I don’t know what to do,” I said.
    He didn’t look at me as he jerked the quick-releases that held the gun to the console between us. “Can you shoot?”
    “No,” I said. “I mean, if I guess if I had to—”

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