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Badge of Glory (1982)

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Badge Of Glory (1982) - Plot & Excerpts

Travel through Britain's military history with a proud seafaring family, the Blackwoods, and the service tradition in which they make their careers—the Royal Marines. Captain Philip Blackwood of the Royal Marines rejoins his ship, the H.M.S. Audacious, in the summer of 1850. Sent out to Africa to eliminate the last strongholds of slavery, then on to the Crimean War. From Library Journal Reeman, who also wrote under the name of Alexander Kent, here presents a tale of the soldiering part of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines. The characters in Badge of Glory are somewhat standard, with Capt. Philip Blackwood fighting to uphold his family's Marine traditions against the enemy and other officers. This story is unique because of the time period, the early 1850s, and the settings. Blackwood battles slavers in West Africa and then fights the Russians in the Crimea; there are also references to fighting the Maoris in New Zealand. Listeners also learn the effects of the new technologies of rifled musketry and steam power on warfare. David Rintoul is an experienced actor; his narration is clear and moves at a steady tempo. He is versatile, precise, and disciplined, giving each character a distinct and consistent voice. Popular, adventure, and large military collections should consider.AMichael T. Fein, Central Virginia Community Coll., Lynchburg Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. Review "If any author deserved to be ‘piped’ into bookshops with full naval honours it is Douglas Reeman." -- Books Magazine "Masterly storytelling of battles and war." -- Sunday Times of London Masterly storytelling of battles and war. -- Sunday Times Reeman's a master of naval and military fiction . . . making sea and ground fighting . . . seem as authentic as today's television reporting. -- The Historical Novels Review

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