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A Dawn Like Thunder (1997)

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A Dawn Like Thunder (1997) - Plot & Excerpts

After four years, the tide of war is turning in North Africa and Europe. The conflict in Southeast Asia, however, has reached new heights of savagery, and Operation Monsun poses a sinister threat to the hope of allied victory. The Special Operations mission off the Burmese coast requires volunteers. Men with nothing to live for, or men with everything to lose. The two-man torpedo — the chariot — is the ultimate weapon in a high-risk war… About the Author Douglas Reeman joined the Navy in 1941. He did convoy duty in the navy in the Atlantic, the Arctic, and the North Sea, and later served in motor torpedo boats. He has written over thirty novels under his own name and more than twenty best-selling historical novels featuring Richard Bolitho under the pseudonym Alexander Kent.

Douglass Reeman drinking game: What page does the ", what?" character first say the sentence ending in that phrase? Answer: 183. The ", what?" character in Reeman's work always is the incompetent senior Admiral, promoted too fast or senile, though rarely actually evil.Three and a half stars. The book begins slow with two-man torpedo boats (a subject of a different Reeman book, set in Norway), but then casually tosses that aside for bigger game: spying, then a highly fictionalized retelling of Operation Monsun--U boats in the Indian Ocean.

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