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Belgrave Square (2015)

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Belgrave Square (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

So I want to start out by saying I read this as an unabridged audiobook. The narrator was Devina Porter – so far she has narrated every Thomas Pitt novel I have listened to and she does a fantastic job. My husband got me into the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series this past year. He loves good mysteries and Anne Perry does an amazing job of adding twists and turns that you would never expect. Belgrave Square is not exception. The series are all stand alone books, but usually reference incidents or events in previous books. The author explains anything referenced from other books very well, so you do not get lost at all, but you learn about endings of some of the other cases Pitt has worked on. Not all the time, like in this story, but some times it happens.The book is full of political intrigue, scandals, blackmail, the concerns and cares of Society, and the trials of the working class. I thought it was a great book. Throughout the book, there are developments and dead ends, sudden changes in people and the mystery of how to survive in Society. Like her other books, the case does not become clear until the very end, keeping you engaged throughout the investigation. I somewhat guessed (not completely correct, but not totally wrong either) who was doing what and being blackmailed for what, but the ending was a surprise, which is always nice. Also, some of the scandals mentioned were quite interesting to follow.I think I have a tendency to like Charlotte more than Thomas, but I think it is because she can be so clever and daring where Thomas is restricted by his job. We also meet Sergeant Innes in this book. I hope to see more of him in future books, though I don’t think we will. He was a fun character. Also, when the story resolved, I felt there were a few things unsettled. I hope to hear more about the young couple that was trying to get together (I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m not mentioning names) and also what happened to Pitt’s superior and his love interest.For anyone getting into Anne Perry, I would recommend Silence in Hanover Close (it’s my favorite of her books so far). It was more amusing and surprising than this particular book, but they are both very good and worth the read.

Under mysterious circumstances, Inspector Pitt is assigned to investigate the murder of an usurer who loaned money to the poor and blackmailed the wealthy. Unwittingly, Charlotte Pitt finds herself socially involved with the same powerful and wealthy people that are the targets of blackmail while helping her pregnant sister, Emily, whose husband is running for a position in Parliament. Charlotte and Inspector Pitt work together to uncover the dark secrets of the upper class, the identity of a murderer and a possible political conspiracy. I can always count on Anne Perry to provide me with an entertaining story. Visiting the Pitts is like visiting old friends. I enjoyed Belgrave Square, although was able to figure out the whodunit portion of the mystery almost immediately. Despite that, the final two pages of the book took me by total surprise.

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This is the 12th book in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series. Series usually bite the dust for me long before I reach this point but the interesting characters and setting have kept me going, I enjoyed this book more than any of the recent preceding ones. It has everything I like in the novels: appearances by all my favorite characters, including Aunt Vespasia, both Thomas and Charlotte contributing to solving the crime from their different directions and a complex mystery. While I knew the answer in advance of the ending, it was still satisfying.

As always with AP books she keeps you guessing until the last 3 or 4 pages of a story. Figured out what the twist in this one was early on but she still surprised me with the ending. A "peer of the realm" comes to Pitt's boss and says he thinks he may be implicated in the murder of a back street usurer. This book introduces a group that will make several appearances in subsequent books, that being, a secretive group calling itself The Inner Circle. They play a major role in this story. These guys want to basically control the world and are achieving their ends by blackmail and other like practices - the end justifies the means with this group. Found a couple of passages in this story that ended up being put in my Favorite Quotes file. Gave it 3 stars cause I didn't like the ending, but not really sure she could have ended it any other way.

A money lender is murdered and notes left suggest a variety of suspects, many of them in prominent positions. Some of those named appear nervous, other oblivious to the crime.Inspector Pitt is especially put on the case and, with the aid of his wife, Charlotte, he moves effortlessly through the wealthy mansions and squalid hovels of Victorian London in an attempt to uncover the mystery.Ultimately he does so but not before a most surprising ending to an enjoyable tale that captures the feel and smells of Victorian London admirably.

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