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Betrayal at Lisson Grove (2010)

This mystery kept me reading all the way to the end. It started with a fast-paced chase and even ended with action. It's a historical mystery set in 19th century London but travels to France and Ireland and back. There are multiple plots between Charlotte Pitt, her husband Thomas Pitt, and Victor...

Betrayal at Lisson Grove (2010) by Anne Perry

Acceptable Loss. by Anne Perry (2011)

Like all of the William Monk books, this was gripping from start to finish (except for the repetitious mental torment scenes that have always been the downside of Perry's novels for me). Perry writes atmosphere so well, the crimes are hideous, and Monk and Hester continue to be some of my favouri...

Acceptable Loss. by Anne Perry (2011) by Anne Perry

Acceptable Loss (2011)

Ok, so it seems that I have made a mistake. It looks like "Acceptable Loss" is a continuation of "Execution Dock", which I have not read. What is more, "Acceptable Loss" is my first book ever by Anne Perry. Will there be more? A few weeks ago when I started I would have said: "never again"... It ...

Acceptable Loss (2011) by Anne Perry

Midnight at Marble Arch. Anne Perry (2013)

Anne Perry is know for tackling some of the vilest, darkest subjects that occurred behind closed doors, out in the streets, and in the halls of government of Victorian London. This book was no exception. It actually is a bit different from the last few that Pitt and the others have investigated...

Midnight at Marble Arch. Anne Perry (2013) by Anne Perry

Midnight at Marble Arch (2013)

Led on by Anne Perry’s latest Christmas novelette, which was a lot less verbiose and repetitive and just plain silly about clues and procedures than the previous one, I did read “A Christmas Hope.” Then, because I have always liked her main series characters, particularly the women, Charlotte Pit...

Midnight at Marble Arch (2013) by Anne Perry

Treason at Lisson Grove (2010)

I love historical fiction, especially when there is real history behind it. This story is not based on a particular event, as far as I know, but the knowledge I gained reading 1848 helped me to understand the wild revolutionary ideas that were loose all over Europe in the period after those revo...

Treason at Lisson Grove (2010) by Anne Perry

Lisson Grove (2010)

As always, I love the interaction and blending of social mores and the politics of the times. In this case, so much was happening with the spread of the socialist movement which finally reached England. The first part of the book deals with Monk until Charlotte gets involved and goes off with ...

Lisson Grove (2010) by Anne Perry

Execution Dock (2009)

I find the whole thing rather depressing, no matter how well written. Enough with the sexual depravity already. I was dismayed to find the next in the series was just a continuation of the storyline in this book. I certainly don't deny it existed, but surely there is other interesting subject ...

Execution Dock (2009) by Anne Perry

Justicia Ciega (2013)

William and Hester Monk investigate a preacher who averts funds from his congregation and throws many into dire poverty. As his trial unfolds, Judge Oliver Rathbone presides over the case. The Judge decides to play a wild card in the form of an inflammatory picture to save the day. He is jaile...

Justicia Ciega (2013) by Anne Perry

Blind Justice (2013)

London, England. 1865.William and Hester Monk's dear friend the brilliant lawyer Sir Oliver Rathbone is in trouble. His wife, the former Margaret Ballinger has left him and is furious with him for not having properly defending her father the late Arthur Ballinger.Sir Oliver has been elevated to t...

Blind Justice (2013) by Anne Perry

Du sang sur la soie (2011)

I purchased this book hoping to read about a fresh, lush, complex Constantinople through the eyes of a woman clothed in layers of secrecy. I did not find it: the narrative was weak, jumping over all the delicious little "difficult" pieces of the main character's journey to emphasize discussions b...

Du sang sur la soie (2011) by Anne Perry

The Sheen of Silk (2000)

Perry is a skilled storyteller masterfully weaving historical facts and cultural tradition into very readiable text. As the contributing sub-plots build. the reader is moved to think that the politics of greed and human behavior has not altered much since 1281. Found myself routing for the re...

The Sheen of Silk (2000) by Anne Perry

The Sheen on the Silk (2010)

I think the concept was interesting, without giving too much away. Historical fiction is one of my favourite genres. I enjoyed reading it but I felt like the main character wasn't really the main character. So I wasn't really able to connect to the person who was supposed to be holding the story ...

The Sheen on the Silk (2010) by Anne Perry

Mémoire coupable (2009)

Notes to self (ran out of space in notes space): what the hell is up with Margaret? seems very superior and holier than thou; why is she still helping the clinic?Claudine: match-seller; showdown with husbandSqueaky: becoming more ethical and attached to clinic peopleSutton: Love him and the ...

Mémoire coupable (2009) by Anne Perry

La Révélation de Noël (2006)

This is a small book and it only took me a day really to read it although I started it last night. I ended today around noon. The story is set in the year 1895 in Ireland. Although the story was interesting in itself, it ended leaving many questions unanswered. The main character, who had travell...

La Révélation de Noël (2006) by Anne Perry

Der Weihnachtsfluch (2006)

Book #6 in Anne Perry's Victorian Christmas mysteries. It is 1868, and Emily Radley is called away from the comforts of Christmas in London with her family, to attend her dying Aunt Susannah who lives in Connemara, on Ireland's west coast. Emily is reluctant to leave home, but with her husband's ...

Der Weihnachtsfluch (2006) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Grace (2006)

This was different from the previous novels and I really liked it. Charlotte Pitt's sister, Emily, goes to Ireland to stay with their dying aunt and help solve the riddle of an old murder so the aunt can die in peace. But history seems to be repeating itself as a similar situation unfolds. Emi...

A Christmas Grace (2006) by Anne Perry

Le Spectacle de Noël (2013)

This book is a clever riff on the "Dracula" plot by Bram Stoker, as well as an engaging murder mystery set in an isolated mansion, cut off by a snowstorm, amidst a theatrical company and a wealthy family. It is also centred on the sympathetic and engaging character of Caroline Fielding, the moth...

Le Spectacle de Noël (2013) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Homecoming (2011)

In retrospect maybe reading this book in August wasn't the best idea, but in my defense, I had just just bought my first three Christmas presents and my thoughts were on the holidays. But, in truth, I think that my reaction to the book would have been the same if I had read it on Christmas Eve j...

A Christmas Homecoming (2011) by Anne Perry

Der Weihnachtsverrat (2013)

As usual, Perry has produced a good, quick reading mystery, involving one of my favorite characters, Victor Narraway, as a young, newly posted lieutenant to Cawnpore. We have a slight introduction to frontier life in India and some aspects of military posting there. I gave this book 4 stars as ...

Der Weihnachtsverrat (2013) by Anne Perry

Un Noël à Kanpur (2014)

A Christmas Garland by Anne Perry is the tenth of her Christmas mystery novellas. All are set in the mid-1800s at the Christmas season, and enhance the “back stories” of characters from her Thomas & Charlotte Pitt or William Monk Victorian mystery series.It’s December 1857 in Cawnpore, India wher...

Un Noël à Kanpur (2014) by Anne Perry

The Christmas Hope (2013)

Perry's quick, simple and pleasant Christmas book for 2013 is a straightforward story featuring one of the characters in the Monk series. Protagonist Claudine volunteers in the clinic for street women. In this book she is in her privileged life at a holiday party when she witnesses a murder. The ...

The Christmas Hope (2013) by Anne Perry

Un noël plein d'espoir (2011)

Bon, soyons clairs, ce n'est pas le meilleur Anne Perry que j'ai lu. Comme toujours pour ses "spécial Noel", le héros du livre est un personnage secondaire de l'une de ses deux séries. Cette fois c'est l'ennemi intime de Monk qui s'y colle. Le début est très prometteur, notamment parce qu'il expl...

Un noël plein d'espoir (2011) by Anne Perry

Das Weihnachtsversprechen (2010)

Another one of the best entries in this series--although the Cockney dialect may take a while for your mind's ear to "hear," the story is charming. It features Gracie Phelps from one of Perry's mystery series and the mysterious Mr. Balthasar, whom I'd like to read more about! The book also made m...

Das Weihnachtsversprechen (2010) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Hope (2013)

Claudine Burroughs lives an empty life. She is like a strangr to her openly ambitious husband and she dreads the society parties, balls, and teas of her wealthy, socially prominent friends. The only joy she has is in her volunteer work at a women's clinic for poor women which her husband sees a...

A Christmas Hope (2013) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Odyssey. Anne Perry (2010)

An interesting plot about an unlikely band of strangers trying to find a prodigal son lost in the underworld of Victorian London. But it has very little to do with Christmas, aside from the dates of their search. And the tale itself is repetitive, dull and confusing, with an unfortunate focus o...

A Christmas Odyssey. Anne Perry (2010) by Anne Perry

L'odyssée de Noël (2010)

I love Anne Perry books, but this one felt disjointed. It's the second holiday book I've read with Rathbone as the lead character.It's a short book and I don't know if that's why it didn't feel developed? I couldn't get a fully developed mental picture while reading it, which I usually can.Most o...

L'odyssée de Noël (2010) by Anne Perry

Cardington Crescent (1988)

Eighth in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series set in late 19th century London.The StoryThe Eustace March is having a house party and part of its intention is to vet Jack Radley and arrange his marriage to Tassie. For some reason, George, Emily, and Aunt Vespasia are part of the party; Ve...

Cardington Crescent (1988) by Anne Perry

Death in the Devil's Acre (1987)

Death in the Devil’s Acre is the seventh book in Anne Perry’s Thomas and Charlotte Pitt historical mystery series is an intoxicating thriller from start to finish with mesmerizing characters.A doctor of good standing and impeccable character is found slashed to death in the Devil’s Acre, one of V...

Death in the Devil's Acre (1987) by Anne Perry

The Face of a Stranger (2011)

After reading more than 1700 pages through the last two volumes, it was time to get away from Safehold, which must be thousands of years in the future, and the next-read mystery from the last century wasn’t enough, so I dipped into this Victorian mystery, scrounged from a hospital waiting room, a...

The Face of a Stranger (2011) by Anne Perry

Southampton Row (2002)

It is a given that I am a fan of Anne Perry. That said, suffice it to say, this installment of the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt series did not disappoint. Pitt has been called in to covertly look into the activities of a very popular political candidate named Charles Voisey who belongs to a secret...

Southampton Row (2002) by Anne Perry

The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2002)

Ce livre fait partie de la saga « Charlotte et Thomas Pitt » et c’en est même le 19ème opus ! Autant vous le dire tout de suite, c’est avec ce livre que j’ai découvert l’auteur et la saga et le fait de ne pas connaître l’historique des différentes enquêtes menées par le couple ne m’a pas manqué.P...

The Whitechapel Conspiracy (2002) by Anne Perry

Ashworth Hall (1997)

Patron Review:This mystery is one of a series of Anne Perry's who-dunnits that features the Scotland Yard detective, Thomas Pitt, and his wife Charlotte.l Her mysteries are really interesting because they are, at the same time, historical novels that recreate life in late 19th and early 20th cen...

Ashworth Hall (1997) by Anne Perry

La conspiración de Ashworth Hall (1999)

En una regia casa de campo, Ashworth Hall, está a punto de iniciarse una fatídica reunión secreta. Aunque dicha reunión tiene toda la apariencia de una elegante fiesta campestre, los invitados son políticos irlandeses congregados para entablar conversaciones sobre el espinoso tema de la independe...

La conspiración de Ashworth Hall (1999) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Secret (2006)

I chose this book in my local library, partly because it was short(!) and partly because I had never read anything by Anne Perry. I did not have particularly high hopes for the book, but I was pleasantly surprised. The central characters are Dominc Corde and his wife, Clarice. Dominic is chosen b...

A Christmas Secret (2006) by Anne Perry

The Twisted Root (2000)

Anne Perry uses the cultural mores of the 18th century as the backdrop for her books, and in The Twisted Root the reader is delivered into a time when cultural taboos leave a woman ready to die rather than tell what she knows about three murders that she has been charged with committing. Even tho...

The Twisted Root (2000) by Anne Perry

Slaves of Obsession (2001)

Slaves of Obsession is a frustrating book. Clearly a murder mystery (as are all in this series), the murderer proves to be the most likely suspect for me but not the villain I wanted it to be. To be sure, there is a certain poetic justice which occurs with regard to the one I consider a villain, ...

Slaves of Obsession (2001) by Anne Perry

Callander Square (1985)

Attention, pour celles et ceux qui n’auraient pas encore lu (ou terminé) L’Étrangleur de Cater Street, cette chronique contient des spoilers.Après avoir trouvé l’Étrangleur de Cater Street, Charlotte et Thomas sont de nouveau confrontés à la noirceur humaine : des nourrissons ont été enterrés dan...

Callander Square (1985) by Anne Perry

Bluegate Fields (1985)

Bluegate Fields go a bit deeper in the Victorian underworld than most of Charlotte and Pitt's stories. Unlike the previous story where Charlotte and her family took center stage, in this one it is Pitt, his boss and his young colleague who are the primary investigators. Charlotte is still a much ...

Bluegate Fields (1985) by Anne Perry

A Dangerous Mourning (1992) case is dangerous: the murder of a young woman of society, stabbed to death in her own room and a few trinkets stolen. Inspector William Monk takes on the case, still lacking 95% of his memory but determined to keep this loss a secret and prove himself wor...

A Dangerous Mourning (1992) by Anne Perry

We Shall Not Sleep (2007)

If you are an Anne Perry fan, then probably you'll enjoy this series, since the things that bugged me about it the most were characteristic of one of her other books (from the series with a husband and wife, IIRC). I know there are many Anne Perry fans out there, so maybe it is just me.However, ...

We Shall Not Sleep (2007) by Anne Perry

At Some Disputed Barricade (2007)

I think Anne Perry is one of the finest authors of historical mysteries I have ever read. She has such a fine sense of atmosphere and really delves into the character's lives, personalities and feelings and places them in the most extraordinary situations where every character is tested almost be...

At Some Disputed Barricade (2007) by Anne Perry

Long Spoon Lane (2006)

A decent read, although if you picked this up as your first Anne Perry/Thomas Pitt book, like me, you might find yourself rather confused. There are numerous references thrown in to events in previous novels, and most of the main characters had a lot of history together that is only vaguely hinte...

Long Spoon Lane (2006) by Anne Perry

Silence in Hanover Close (1989)

Ninth in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series based in late 19th century London.The StoryThomas has been ordered to look back into a three-year-old murder of a Foreign Office dignitary that was never solved. It seems the powers-that-be are concerned about his widow's marrying a fellow dig...

Silence in Hanover Close (1989) by Anne Perry

Farriers' Lane (1994)

Of Belgrave Square, the last novel in Anne Perry's Victorian mystery series, The New York Times proclaimed "Miss Perry's themes are reminiscent of Jane Austen's novels...When Anne Perry puts Thomas and Charlotte Pitt on the case we are in exemplary Victorian company." Now, in Farriers' Lane, Anne...

Farriers' Lane (1994) by Anne Perry

Angels in the Gloom (2006)

Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec Les Anges des Ténèbres? "Ceci est le troisième tome de la saga des Reavley d'Anne Perry après "Avant la Tourmente" et "Le Temps de Armes".Dites-nous en un peu plus sur son histoire... "Joseph est blessé dans le no man's land alors q...

Angels in the Gloom (2006) by Anne Perry

An Anne Perry Christmas: A Christmas Journey / A Christmas Visitor (2006)

A CHRISTMAS JOURNEY “One of the best books to brighten the joyous season.” –USA Today “This brief work has an almost Jamesian subtlety. . . . [A] powerful message of responsibility and redemption.” –The Wall Street Journal In the Berkshire countryside, family and guests have gathered for a deli...

An Anne Perry Christmas: A Christmas Journey / A Christmas Visitor (2006) by Anne Perry

A Sudden, Fearful Death (1994)

For whatever reason, this story seems disjointed. The first big scene took forever to tie in with the rest of the plot and I'm still not sure it was necessary. The big reveal did not necessarily need Julia and her sister Marianne. The courtroom scenes are tedious and overly drawn out. I suspe...

A Sudden, Fearful Death (1994) by Anne Perry

The Shifting Tide (2005)

I have been “hooked” on Anne Perry novels for a good while now. There are a number of reasons for this addiction. One reason I enjoy these novels as much as I do, is that AP is, to my way of thinking, a master at creating characters with depth to their personalities. This installment in the Willi...

The Shifting Tide (2005) by Anne Perry

Paragon Walk (1986)

Book three in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery series finds Charlotte's sister, Emily, in the middle of yet another murder. The haughty aristocrats find themselves ashamed to be caught in the middle of a murder and afraid that there is a murderer among them. Thomas works diligently as an inv...

Paragon Walk (1986) by Anne Perry

Pentecost Alley (1997)

16th in the series. As is often the case, there is quite a dramatic crescendo at the ending of this installment, and several plot turns and twists to sustain curiosity. As I enjoy so much consistently in the series, we get plenty of details of social behavior, etiquette, and accepted rules of i...

Pentecost Alley (1997) by Anne Perry

Half Moon Street (2001)

Done. Done. Complete. Finished. Fini. Fin. Adios. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen Adios. Ba-Bye. Toodles. Going. Going. Gone!!Omg I couldn't wait to finish this thing! Let me be completely frank here.. this is a prime example of extreme wordiness getting in the way of what could have possibly been a g...

Half Moon Street (2001) by Anne Perry

The Hyde Park Headsman (1995)

Years ago I read every Thomas and Charlotte Pitt book when it came out. Having just read the Sebastian St. Cyr Regency mysteries, I decided to revisit the Pitts in the later Victorian period. They are as charming as ever although Thomas has now become the Superintendent of the police department...

The Hyde Park Headsman (1995) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Visitor (2004)

A Christmas Visitor, 2nd book in Anne Perry's Christmas mystery series, is set in mid-December 1850 on an estate near Penrith in the Lake District of England. The Dreghorn siblings will be arriving from around the globe (Palestine, Africa, America) for a Christmas celebration. Henry Rathbone rece...

A Christmas Visitor (2004) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Guest (2005)

A Christmas Guest is the third book in Anne Perry's Christmas mystery series. Unlike the previous two stories in the series, which were set in mid-19th century, this story is set in Victorian England in the same timeframe as the Thomas Pitt mystery series. A key theme in this story is snobbery an...

A Christmas Guest (2005) by Anne Perry

Shoulder the Sky (2005)

I intentionally picked this up at the library for 2 reasons: I recently discovered Anne Perry's books and have decided she is one of my newfound favorite authors - and the book's subject centered around World War I, an event about which I know very little. It turns out I started with the second b...

Shoulder the Sky (2005) by Anne Perry

No Graves As Yet (2005)

No Graves As Yet, the initial volume in Anne Perry’s WWI series, begins with a cricket match. Somehow that is appropriate because this book took me longer to finish than a long, drawn-out cricket match. The pace is slow and leisurely and the handling of the characters is ever so much more persona...

No Graves As Yet (2005) by Anne Perry

Bedford Square (2000)

Superintendent Thomas Pitt becomes suspicious when a man found dead outside a general's home is discovered to possess a snuff box that had recently graced the general's study. Pitt and his clever wife, Charlotte, must tread lightly while probing this masterpiece of evil. The book contains an inte...

Bedford Square (2000) by Anne Perry

The Sins of the Wolf (1995)

I can't help but feel slightly geeky, giving a 4 star rating to a murder mystery. But Anne Perry is one of the best mystery writer I've ever come across. Her understanding of the Victorian Period - the fashions, the attitudes, the prejudices - is absolutely perfect and it shows in the books.This ...

The Sins of the Wolf (1995) by Anne Perry

Dark Assassin (2007)

William Monk is a Thames River Police superintendent on a patrol boat when he notices a young couple standing at a bridge railing, apparently engaged in an intense discussion. The woman waves her arms and places her hands on the man's shoulders. A caress or a push? The man grasps hold of her. To ...

Dark Assassin (2007) by Anne Perry

Cain His Brother (1996)

Acabo de terminar el libro y debo decir que estoy muy sorprendida, aunque no del todo satisfecha. La razón puede ser que este es el primer libro que leo de Anne Perry, por lo que no tengo todo el contexto que necesitaba para entender el libro. Aunque sí lo disfruté.Anne Perry es una escritora tal...

Cain His Brother (1996) by Anne Perry

The One Thing More (2001)

It is January 1793. France is at war with Belgium, Prussia and Austria, and Louis XVI has just been sentenced to death. In Paris, a small group of people fears for the future of a throneless France surrounded by countries terrified that republican ideas - or anarchy - will spread throughout the c...

The One Thing More (2001) by Anne Perry

Funeral in Blue (2001)

This book was more annoying than enjoyable, but funnily enough, I will read another of her books, out of curiosity, to see if the earlier ones were any better written."Funeral in Blue" is a William Monk mystery set in Victorian England. William Monk is a former policeman who is now a private inve...

Funeral in Blue (2001) by Anne Perry

Resurrection Row (1986)

Fourth in the Charlotte & Thomas Pitt historical mystery series set in Victorian England and revolving around an unlikely couple.My TakeTwisty. Perry sure went to a lot of work on this one. It's foot-slogging having to go back over and over again. Dealing with the same people as Pitt continues to...

Resurrection Row (1986) by Anne Perry

Defend and Betray (1993)

I've really enjoyed the books I read by Anne Perry and I can't wait to continue reading this series. The fact that there are so many books out only makes me more enthusiastic.Although the summary above mentions Monk as the main detective in this case the truth is that Hester Latterly does most of...

Defend and Betray (1993) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Journey (2003)

Mlle Alice, pouvez-vous nous raconter votre rencontre avec La Disparue de Noël? "Voilà quelques temps maintenant que je dévore tout ce que je peux lire de la plume d'Anne Perry. Malheureusement, lorsque je l'ai connue, on ne trouvait déjà plus certains de ses récits de Noël. Quand j'ai trouvé ...

A Christmas Journey (2003) by Anne Perry

Seven Dials (2004)

23rd in the series. It was a bit harder for me to get into this one, though the entertainment level picked up when Thomas was sent to Alexandria, Egypt, to do some investigating there, as the Special Branches case he is called in on involves an exotic Egyptian beauty with brains caught removing ...

Seven Dials (2004) by Anne Perry

Weighed in the Balance (1997)

It's been some years since I read Anne Perry and I'm looking forward to be lifted into Victorian England again. EARLY COMMENTSThe interactions between William Monk and Oliver Rathbone and Hester Latterly reflect Anne Perry's superb ability to communicate the way people can feel about each other a...

Weighed in the Balance (1997) by Anne Perry

Death of a Stranger (2003)

Few authors have written more mesmerizingly about Victorian London than Anne Perry. Readers enter her world with exquisite anticipation, and experience a rich variety of characters and class: aristocrats living in luxury, flower sellers on street corners, ladies of the evening seeking customers o...

Death of a Stranger (2003) by Anne Perry

Rutland Place (1984)

Fifth in the Charlotte & Thomas Pitt historical mystery series set in late Victorian London and revolving around Detective Inspector Pitt and his busybody of a wife.My TakeThis particular story provides an in-depth look at how the mere accident of losing a trinket can have a profound effect on ev...

Rutland Place (1984) by Anne Perry

The Cater Street Hangman (1985)

The Cater Street Hangman is the first Charlotte & Inspector Pitt novel by Anne Perry. I had read some of the Pitt mysteries as a teenager and thought I might start at the beginning of the series and read them through. I remembered being fascinated by them at the time, but memory isn't always reli...

The Cater Street Hangman (1985) by Anne Perry

Belgrave Square (2015)

So I want to start out by saying I read this as an unabridged audiobook. The narrator was Devina Porter – so far she has narrated every Thomas Pitt novel I have listened to and she does a fantastic job. My husband got me into the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series this past year. He loves good myst...

Belgrave Square (2015) by Anne Perry

Highgate Rise (1992)

Anne Perry is one of the authors I routinely look for at book sales, and so I read rather old titles such as this one from 1991. I like her Thomas and Charlotte Pitt very much. They are a loving couple who understand each other, and although Pitt is a cop and their income is low, Charlotte is o...

Highgate Rise (1992) by Anne Perry

Bethlehem Road (1991)

Tenth in the series of Victorian mysteries featuring the investigative strategies and life experiences of Inspector Thomas Pitt and his forthright wife Charlotte. This one explored the suffragette question as it affected various levels of London society in 1888. We get some long speeches on bot...

Bethlehem Road (1991) by Anne Perry

El misterio de Brunswick Gardens (2000)

Hace un siglo, la revolucionaria teoría de la evolución de Darwin sacudió los cimientos del mundo civilizado, y la escandalizada Iglesia anglicana le declaró la guerra. En una mansión de Brunswick Gardens, un elegante paseo londinense, se produce un enconado enfrentamiento cuando el reverendo Pa...

El misterio de Brunswick Gardens (2000) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Beginning (2007)

Whatever the season, a new novel by bestselling author Anne Perry is always a wonderful gift, but her holiday novels are particularly special treats, and A Christmas Beginning is a deeply felt story of passion and redemption.Superintendent Runcorn of Scotland Yard is spending Christmas on the wil...

A Christmas Beginning (2007) by Anne Perry

Los anarquistas de Long Spoon Lane (2006)

You need a very long spoon indeed to dine with the devil. Early one morning, two bombs explode in an East London street. Forewarned of the attack, Thomas Pitt of the Special Branch, arrives in time to chase the bombers to a tenement in Long Spoon Lane. There, two men are arrested and one shot dea...

Los anarquistas de Long Spoon Lane (2006) by Anne Perry

Die Tote von Buckingham Palace (2015)

The Prince of Wales has asked four wealthy entrepreneurs and their wives to Buckingham Palace to discuss a fantastic idea: the construction of a six-thousand-mile railroad that would stretch the full length of Africa. But, alas, the prince’s gathering proves disastrous when the mutilated body of ...

Die Tote von Buckingham Palace (2015) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Odyssey (2010)

The broad streets of the West End of London were glittering bright on the surface. They walked along Regent Street and into the Haymarket, passing theaters of the utmost sophistication. Bessie lagged behind, staring at the notices, the lights, the fashions. Several times Squeaky had to yank at he...

A Christmas Odyssey (2010) by Anne Perry

Anne Perry's Christmas Vigil (2011)

James Wentworth had an air of weariness in his face that made him look older than his sixty-odd years. There was something close to desperation in the way his hands fidgeted, clenching and unclenching on his knees. “What can I do?” Henry asked gently. “Perhaps nothing,” Wentworth answered. As he ...

Anne Perry's Christmas Vigil (2011) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Garland (2012)

It was mid-December, a couple of weeks before Christmas. At home in England it might already be snowing, but here in India there would not even be a frost. No one had ever seen snow in Cawnpore. Any other year it would be a wonderful season: one of rejoicing, recalling happy memories of the past,...

A Christmas Garland (2012) by Anne Perry

Blood on the Water (2014)

Monk himself considered Habib Beshara and the mounting number of times his attempts to speak with the man personally had been denied for one reason or another. He was ill and too weak to talk, or there was restlessness in the prison and it was not convenient, not safe, or the governor, Fortridge-...

Blood on the Water (2014) by Anne Perry

Thomas & Charlotte Pitt 29 - Death On Blackheath

She decided to write a letter to Emily asking if she would like to take luncheon and, if the weather permitted, to walk in Kew Gardens. Even if it were cold, the massive glasshouses filled with tropical plants would be warm, and a pleasant change from sitting inside. Emily wrote back immediately,...

Thomas & Charlotte Pitt 29 - Death On Blackheath by Anne Perry

Blind Justice: A William Monk Novel

Hester had discovered, to her surprise, that she was rather good at making it. Monk had told Hester about the commissioner’s warning. He would much rather not have, but if she did not know, it was much more likely that she might make some slip that would eventually get back to the commissioner. T...

Blind Justice: A William Monk Novel by Anne Perry

Cater Street Hangman

It had not been easy because although there were plenty of girls seeking a good position, many of them were unskilled, and many had reputations and references that were less than satisfactory. And, of course, since Lily’s death and the manner of it were known, it was not the most pleasing prospec...

Cater Street Hangman by Anne Perry

Traitors Gate

He was looking forward to putting the whole matter out of his mind for a space, and sitting in the parlor with his feet up and the doors to the garden open to let in the late spring evening air. It was fine and balmy, the sort of day when the smells of the earth linger heavily and overtake the aw...

Traitors Gate by Anne Perry

Brunswick Gardens (2010)

It must be sensitive, and urgent, or Cornwallis would not have sent for him by telephone. Since his promotion to command of the Bow Street station Pitt had not involved himself in cases personally unless they threatened to be embarrassing to someone of importance, or else politically dangerous, s...

Brunswick Gardens (2010) by Anne Perry

A Breach of Promise

He and Monk had gone immediately to Melville’s lodgings, where Isaac Wolff, gray-faced, had met them at the door. There had been nothing anyone could do to help. He had called a doctor, who had assumed death to have been caused by some form of poison and had guessed belladonna, but it would requi...

A Breach of Promise by Anne Perry

Corridors of the Night (2015)

It was a handsome and cultured city, but Scottish law was different from English, and always had been, and he found testifying – albeit as an expert witness on an old case – to be somewhat testing of both his skill and his memory.     He had taken a short holiday afterwards in...

Corridors of the Night (2015) by Anne Perry

The Silent Cry

He was a young man whose lack of self-control, first of his appetites, then of his temper, had led him from rape to the situation of murder which he now faced.     Curiously, it was the beatings for which Monk could not forgive him.     They, of all the cri...

The Silent Cry by Anne Perry

Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2016)

There was tea on a tray on the carved cherrywood table, and small sandwiches of white bread, with wafer-thin slices of cucumber from the glasshouse. She stared at her sister, Charlotte. “Oh dear,” she said quietly. “Yes, I do know Cecily Duncannon, but not very well.” “Then please get to know her...

Treachery at Lancaster Gate (2016) by Anne Perry

One Thing More

It cost her dearly because she felt self-conscious and foolish, but it was the only one she could think of which was ordinary and common to all. ‘A lover!’ Amandine said with a smile, looking up from peeling vegetables. Célie’s mind flew to Georges, for no reason at all, and she felt the heat bur...

One Thing More by Anne Perry

The Scroll

In the antiquarian bookshop well away from the High Street in Cambridge, Monty Danforth sat in his room at the back, working on unpacking and cataloguing the books and papers from the last crate of the Greville Estate. Most of it was exactly what he would have expected: the entire works of Dicken...

The Scroll by Anne Perry

A Christmas Promise (2009)

Gracie got up early, before anyone else was awake, and crept into the kitchen, where she cleared out the stove, and tipped the ashes on the path outside to help people from slipping on the hard, pale ice. Then she laid the wood and lit the new fire. She balanced the sticks carefully and blew a li...

A Christmas Promise (2009) by Anne Perry

Buckingham Palace Gardens

He wrote a brief message on a card, saying that he wished to consult on a matter of the most extreme urgency, and asked one of the junior clerks to take it to Somerset Carlisle, wherever he might be. Then he waited, pacing the floor, glancing every few moments at each doorway of the vast antecham...

Buckingham Palace Gardens by Anne Perry

Dorchester Terrace (2012)

Pitt said he had asked the doctor to keep his own counsel regarding the conclusion that her death could not have been accidental. He said he had given the doctor his word that the death would not be investigated by the police, but by Special Branch, because of its possible connection with a curre...

Dorchester Terrace (2012) by Anne Perry

The Angel Court Affair (Thomas Pitt 30)

After seventeen years of marriage she thought she knew him well, and herself even better. But most of the remarks the woman had made, and perhaps even more the burning conviction with which she had spoken, awoke in Charlotte too many awkward questions. Why had she never examined her own thoughts ...

The Angel Court Affair (Thomas Pitt 30) by Anne Perry

A New York Christmas (2014)

She had chosen different clothes from the ones she’d had on when she was here with Harley, and she’d pinned her hair up in as different a style as it would take. She had planned what to say. She was less than satisfied with it, but all the alternatives she could think of were even worse. It was a...

A New York Christmas (2014) by Anne Perry

A Christmas Escape (2015)

The mountain rose sharply, as symmetrical and uncomplicated as a child’s drawing. The sky above was midwinter blue. At home in England they would be expecting snow at this time in December, but here, so close to Sicily, the wind off the salt water was mild. The small boat barely rocked. He had be...

A Christmas Escape (2015) by Anne Perry

The Dark Assassin

She packed up Rose's borrowed clothes and returned them. Her army experiences had taught her something of the suffering incurred after overindulgence in alcohol, and she knew how to minister to those afflicted. She spent several hours doing what she could for Rose, to both her and her husband's i...

The Dark Assassin by Anne Perry

Revenge in a Cold River (2016)

Not a breath of wind stirred the surface. The only movement was the occasional wash of a boat going up or downstream, all but silently. The voices of lightermen calling to one another echoed, and the splash of an oar could be heard. Now and then a water bird dived for a fish. It broke the smooth ...

Revenge in a Cold River (2016) by Anne Perry

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