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Best I Ever Had

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Turquoise Morning Press

Best I Ever Had - Plot & Excerpts

Sam fell back onto his heels. Quint scooted away from Emma; his chest heaved as he leaned against the headboard and palmed his cock once more.Sam stroked her thigh. Seeing her with Quint, being in the moment, everything felt so right. And scary as hell. Sure, he’d heard those exact words from her so many times before…before his job consumed his life. He breathed in her womanly scent and closed his eyes. She deserved more than a world-weary former cop turned private investigator as her husband. Emma Rhodes needed a man who could cater to her needs in and out of the bedroom. Someone who worked a regular job and didn’t duck bullets for a living. But the sheer thought of her making love to another man, a boring man, the way she laid with him churned Sam’s stomach.So did the idea of her going out into public and getting killed over a lousy pint of ice cream.The hours he’d spent convincing himself he didn’t love her amounted to nothing. He needed her more than the air he breathed.

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