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Wendi Zwaduk
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When You're With Me

Jude grabbed his hand. “Why don’t we go for a walk?” “A walk? Now?” Ramon furrowed his brow and looked at her. They’d been back at the apartment for only a few hours, but he couldn’t seem to get the antsy feeling out of his system. His police issue phone buzzed in his pocket again. Damn. Wallace ...

When You're With Me by Wendi Zwaduk

Tying One On (2014)

The rhythm of the horses’ hooves on the packed dirt lulled her. She appreciated Steve and Ronan’s kindness. She wasn’t sure her wobbly legs could’ve supported her long enough to get her onto Melody’s saddle. She pressed her cheek against Steve’s shoulder blade. The strength in his body reassured ...

Tying One On (2014) by Wendi Zwaduk

Simply the Best

She’d made him happy and giving him what he needed in bed was so much fun. Better than her wildest dreams. “Don’t you dare get comfy.” Sam grinned down at her. “I’m making you feel good.” He grabbed the hem of the negligee and whipped it up over her head. The cool air kissed her dewy skin. She sh...

Simply the Best by Wendi Zwaduk

Ruined by the Pirate (2014)

She allowed no man to take her captive—not even if his boat rivaled the one her father owned. The fool. She tried the door handle and when it turned, she snorted. Apparently he wasn’t much of a pirate if he’d given her a way to escape. She glanced up and down the open corridor then hurried ...

Ruined by the Pirate (2014) by Wendi Zwaduk

Dancing Together (2015)

Jordy Murphy stood in front of the mirror in his Las Vegas hotel room and groaned. He raked his fingers over the top of his head. He’d cut his hair the week before and still wasn’t sure about the new look. The shorter ’do was too severe. He preferred the longer, floppy style with highlights strea...

Dancing Together (2015) by Wendi Zwaduk

Best I Ever Had

Sam fell back onto his heels. Quint scooted away from Emma; his chest heaved as he leaned against the headboard and palmed his cock once more.Sam stroked her thigh. Seeing her with Quint, being in the moment, everything felt so right. And scary as hell. Sure, he’d heard those exact words from her...

Best I Ever Had by Wendi Zwaduk

Please Remember Me

Crawford General wasn’t the largest hospital in the area. The building had stood in the centre of town for over fifty years, serving the residents of Crawford. The pale blue paint on the walls, though clean, needed an update. The vending machines lining the far wall had seen better days. But none...

Please Remember Me by Wendi Zwaduk

You Complete Me

He grinned. She’d curled against his side and balled her fist on his chest. He thought about when they’d made love. He knew exactly what she’d heard. The Goddess had come to them and blessed the joining. He tucked his free arm behind his head. He hadn’t expected the Goddess to ever bless him, but...

You Complete Me by Wendi Zwaduk

Honey and Decadence (2013)

The look accentuated her already lanky body. She crinkled her nose. Three hours before when she’d gone through the cleaning regimen for the dinner, she’d felt more confident. This was just another job, nothing else. Except Sean was involved. She squared her shoulders then headed out of the bathro...

Honey and Decadence (2013) by Wendi Zwaduk

You'll Think of Me

He thought about Melanie’s perfect form as he scrubbed in the shower. Later, as he dressed, he gazed at her picture on his dresser. In the shot, she wore a green sequined gown and she smiled over her shoulder, reminding him of a sexy angel. He groaned. The image of her licking and sucking his coc...

You'll Think of Me by Wendi Zwaduk

What Might Have Been

She didn’t know how much she turned him on with her sexy walk and pure confidence. A quick glance at the crowd backed up his opinion. Every man there watched her with rapt attention. He thought back to their high school days, when she had roamed the hallways with paintbrushes keeping her hair out...

What Might Have Been by Wendi Zwaduk

Over My Head

What was going through her head? She wanted to go to a hotel when someone wanted her harmed? Fine. He’d gladly get her out of the line of fire, if only for a couple of nights. By the end of the weekend, he’d make her see he cared about her. “Can we go? I don’t want to be here any longer than I ha...

Over My Head by Wendi Zwaduk

DrawnTogether (2014)

Every time he thought something would go right, the lesson, his video presentation, the seating chart, something else cropped up to kick his butt. He glanced at the calendar. October 22. Seemed like just the day before he walked into the classroom fresh and ready to tackle teaching American histo...

DrawnTogether (2014) by Wendi Zwaduk

Ever Fallen In Love

Tucker Poston had pulled into his garage stall and wrenched his race helmet from his head. “Bastard knew I was there and still shoved me into the wall.” He tossed the safety gear out of the window. “This shit has to end. I'm tired of racing crashed cars.""Just like Cline knew you were there the w...

Ever Fallen In Love by Wendi Zwaduk

Careless Whisper

Two hours since she’d left Ryan in his office. She plopped down on the top step and leant forward with her elbows on her knees. No point in worrying whether he’d show. His professionalism would get them through the investigation. If he still wanted the relationship after his discussion with Felic...

Careless Whisper by Wendi Zwaduk

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