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Big Little Lies (2014)

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0399167064 (ISBN13: 9780399167065)
Putnam Adult

Big Little Lies (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

3.5I was curious about this book and since the launch of the Lian's first book in Portugal, I have wanted to read something of hers. Little Lies promotes a mystery, something interesting to be discovered before the final and keep us focused on the story while we try to figure out what happened.For a start the beginning was strange and catchy. A group of adults being questioned about a murder. We don´t quite understand if they are talking to a police officer or to a journalist (I will not reveal which one is it) and of course all the chats, rumors and misunderstands make it more spontaneous and original.As the storys progresses there were other moments like this, especially in the beginning of each chapter, creating some attention points to what was going to be explained after all.Kids are always good... at least is what we usually tell ourselves. So it was fun to watch the seeds of all the drama being created by a child as well as all the following moments - determined by a small person without (maybe) intention to do what was done.The beginning of trio's friendship was fun to watch and added the right almond of drama, entertainment and deep to the story, without creating a major drama around the personal dramas of any of the three women. All of them had their bunch of problems happening and it was easier to have access to them by the telling on a first person point of view. While the story goes further, my ideas started stretching up giving some clues about the identity of the person murdered. In the end, it was a little bit obvious and predictable. I was expecting a bigger surprise but even so I understand the path Liane created and I enjoyed the book quite much and I'm curious to see what she will write next.I am afraid to write more about this book because it will be spoilery and future readers probably would not enjoy it as much as I did the other way.Even so I must notice that Liane's writing style is easy to read and very light which fits that moments when we want to read something interesting but relax our minds. - Cláudia This book has a strange start, one that I almost thought I had missed something. As I continued on I believed it was going to be a little funny and very superficial. Boy was I wrong. Yes, there are superficial characters, and some funny dialogue, but mostly very deep subject matter. This story also shows what great friendship is built on, and when you are wrong asking for forgiveness. I encourage everyone to read or listen to this book. It would be great for a book club discussion, as a matter of fact, there is a book club in the story. I think maybe my book club needs to change its name.

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I wanted to like this as much as The Husband's Secret, but I just didn't. Still a good read, though.

8 chapters in and I hate everything about this cliquey, gossipy, petty group of women.

One of the best books I read this year!


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