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The Hypnotist's Love Story (2013)

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The Hypnotist's Love Story (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

I am an unabashed fan girl of this author, ever since reading "What Alice Forgot" and listening to "The Husband's Secret" earlier this year. I even have "Big Little Lies" queued up next. The thing I adore about Ms. Moriarity's style is its realism as relates to relationships between men and women. It is sometimes a bit frustrating for me, as an author myself (small house and self published) to enjoy novels about the L Word (LOVE) that don't automatically get slotted into the Romance Genre which automatically (albeit unfairly) sends many readers running for the woods saying things like "lame bodice rippers" and "No way." As the recipient of a slight from a local bookstore about the "sort of book I write" fairly recently this stings especially nastily right now.I go out of my way to avoid books that could easily be auto-categorized as "genre fiction" but have somehow made it past that gauntlet and into the light of "real publishing success," like this author has done with the book that seems to have been her breakout: "What Alice Forgot." There are a lot of these and I've been sorely disappointed in many a NYT BSA's 11th or 15th novel no matter how glowing her recommendations on the cover.But something about Ms. Moriarty's books simply breaks a mold in a way that I admire and, frankly adore.This book in particular did something pretty amazing with a character that could so easily have been genre-fied by an editor simply looking for "one more money maker." No, it's not a particularly shocking thing like she did in "The Husband's Secret." Nor is it of the borderline "time travel" variety like "What Alice Forgot." I was prepared to read and discard this book without a lot of thought about it, once I sorted out its premise (promising new internet boyfriend for our heroine who is a sweet-natured, polite and successful hypnotherapist has a whack job ex-girlfriend stalker). Of course I was, as ever, drawn in by the author's smooth, practiced and easy-reading style. But was having a bit of a "meh" response up until redemption was offered for a character that made me think hard about how easy it is to shove characters into slots and judge them all the way to the end of a book. It's how we get jaded as author/readers. And I am very much jaded.This novel about real love, that is "not a romance novel" (and I go on a lot about "formulas for romance" that many people try to deny but you won't, after reading this book), is not as deeply moving as the other 2 books of hers I have read (and I only give it 4 stars because the other 2 are most definitely 5 stars for me). It is however, simply lovely, will leave you smiling and saying "oh, well, I guess I should think twice before deciding who is bad and who is good, who "deserves the love" and who does not.' This is my 4th Liane Moriarty book. I adored the other 3. But when I started reading this one, I felt like I was in a relationship with someone that was moving out of the first few romantic months and suddenly personality flaws or annoying habits were emerging. I like this book, but the book itself was a little like one of Patrick's boxes in the hall. I kept thinking, "I do love you, Liane, but..." In her defense though, this book was written before the others I read, which is an argument that she has improved with age/practice. Also, I love how she writes about being a mother and a wife, which was not as front and center in this book. Nor were the really amazing twists and turns that I loved in ALICE and HUSBAND'S SECRET. Still a fun read, though. And I was impressed with how she was able to treat Saskia with such empathy (perhaps a bit sexist though; would she treat a male stalker as gently?) This won't keep me from reading her other early novels, but I am more looking forward to what she writes next.

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Raced through the story. It was absolutely captivating. Ever wonder what a stalker is thinking?

I love her stories. Big Little Lies was better but I enjoyed this as well.

Not as great as other books by this author, but still v. enjoyable.

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