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Read Bitter Sweet Deception (The Kingsmen M.C Book 4)

Bitter Sweet Deception (The Kingsmen M.C Book 4)

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Bitter Sweet Deception (The Kingsmen M.C Book 4) - Plot & Excerpts

This is the moment I’ve been trying like hell to avoid. My mother and Clink, together, in the same room. And as a little bonus, why not throw Dana in the mix, right? As if I don’t have enough land-mines to dodge, let’s just keep piling them in.
    He looks different…cleaner somehow. His dark hair is a little shorter, freshly cut. Still long enough to run your fingers through, but neat. The five o’clock shadow that I know he spends more time trying to make look like he actually doesn’t spend time on it, is shaped up. A long-sleeve, baby blue button-down shirt with the white collar of his undershirt peeking through manages to hide all traces of his ink. Dark blue jeans and black dress shoes round out his look.
    Well, almost. An unadorned, soft, black, leather coat is like the cherry on top. No patches, no metal, just your regular run of the mill leather coat. I trail my eyes up and down again and again taking it all in. He looks unrecognizable and yet exactly the same.… How is that even possible?

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