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Read Black Falcon's Lady (Celtic Rogues Book 1) (2015)

Black Falcon's Lady (Celtic Rogues Book 1) (2015)

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Black Falcon's Lady (Celtic Rogues Book 1) (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

With a soft grumble, she burrowed beneath the coverlet Tade had pulled over their naked bodies after their last loving, reveling again in the spicy scent of his skin, the tenderness with which he held her, as though, even in sleep, he sought to treasure her. This was so new, so special, this sensation of being safe and loved, that tears prickled again at Maryssa's eyelids.
    The sting of salt in eyes already tender chased the velvety haze of drowsiness from her, but she gave it up gladly, pressing her lips against the dark hair roughening Tade's chest. It would be folly, she thought, to waste even a moment of the time fate had granted them to remain hidden here, away from the world that waited to pull them apart. She wanted to savor every breath of mountain air, every rose, every expression that graced Tade's face. Wanted to hold each perfect moment like a pearl in her hand and string them into a chain of memories to wear around her heart forever.
    For even as Tade had swept her again and again into heaven during the long hours they had laughed and loved within the rose-draped bower, his face had held the shadow of parting, a desperation and hopelessness that had made each brush of his hands and lips a blending of wonder and torment.

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