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Read Bliss Week: Yield And Surrender (Interview With Loose Women Series)

Bliss Week: Yield and Surrender (Interview With Loose Women Series)

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Bliss Week: Yield And Surrender (Interview With Loose Women Series) - Plot & Excerpts

Length of  Recording 1:32:42   Interviewer: Let’s start with your age, sex, and place of birth.
Subject: 21, female, and, um, I don’t want to say my place of birth. You said this was anonymous.
I:  Answer only what you wish. Your age at the time of the encounter?
S: 19.
I: What were the circumstances?
S: It was the spring semester of my freshman year and I was pledging for a sorority. I don’t really want to say which one. It’s about an 8-week process and the final week is called Bliss Week. And— I: Bliss Week? Why is it called that?
S: It used to be called Hell Week. And that became too well-known and it became associated with hazing, which is against university rules. So they changed it to its opposite, Bliss Week, to be cute.
I: Okay. Go on.
S: Anyway, during Bliss Week you're split up into groups of 4 pledges and each group gets assigned a senior sister.
I: She has to be a senior?
S: Yes, a senior member of the sorority. The group has to pick one girl to be 'The Bearer.' I: How does the group pick her?

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