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Bond 04 - Diamonds Are Forever

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Bond 04 - Diamonds Are Forever - Plot & Excerpts

‘SHADY’ TREE THE CUSTOMS officer, a paunchy good-living man with dark sweat marks at the armpits of his grey uniform shirt, sauntered lazily over from the Supervisor’s desk to where Bond stood, his three pieces of luggage in front of him, under the letter B. Next door, under C, the girl took a packet of Parliaments out of her bag and put a cigarette between her lips. Bond heard several impatient clicks at the lighter, and the sharper snap as she put the lighter back in her bag and closed the fastening. Bond felt aware of her watchfulness. He wished that her name began with Z so that she would not be so close. Zarathustra? Zacharias? Zophany ...?
‘Mr Bond?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Is this your signature?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Just your personal effects?’ ‘Yes, that’s all.’ ‘Okay, Mr Bond.’ The man tore a customs stamp out of his book and pasted it on the suitcase. He did the same for the attaché case. He came to the golf clubs. He paused with the stamp book in his hand. He looked up at Bond.

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