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Burned 2

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Burned 2 - Plot & Excerpts

Someone opened it and I saw his blue button-down shirt. I looked up and up some more until my eyes locked with the pair of sapphire eyes. His face was frowning until he registered my image and his frown was replaced by raised eyebrows and a shy smile appeared on his face. I just realized that I had a gorgeous guy with lustrous brown hair staring down at me, and he was not Ethan.  “Hello,” the guy said. Oh my gosh, that voice! It was so deep and ringed harmonic echoes in my ears.
    “Hi,” I nodded at him. He was still smiling and I almost forgot why I was there. I peeked into the room and saw the one who made my heart skipped a beat - Ethan was sitting on the sofa and looking at me with wide eyes like I was some world wonder. Again.
    “Dana,” Ethan stood up slowly like I was some Lady and he was losing his manners. He looked struck with his mouth hanged open and no word came out of it. We stared at each other for a long moment. None of us moved.

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