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Careless Whisper

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Careless Whisper - Plot & Excerpts

Two hours since she’d left Ryan in his office. She plopped down on the top step and leant forward with her elbows on her knees. No point in worrying whether he’d show. His professionalism would get them through the investigation. If he still wanted the relationship after his discussion with Felicity, then they’d move forward. During the interview and preliminary walk through with Nancy, Samara marked the hotspots on her map—all three of them. Once he arrived with the cameras, they’d be ready to go and the investigation would commence. They could film the teaser footage for the station in the light of the next day.She snapped her fingers. He said they had a mental link. Why not give it a try? Closing her eyes, she peered into the darkness.Ryan? Where are you?Silence.Ryan. I’m worried about you and I have no idea if I can reach you.Still nothing.Opening her eyes, she sighed. There was always the cell phone.As she pressed the buttons on her phone to reach him, a candy apple red Mustang rolled down the driveway along the front of the mansion and disappeared.

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