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Champagne Life

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Champagne Life - Plot & Excerpts

Jenn kept popping up in his mind. Berti was out of town and she would let him stay with her temporarily. But he didn’t want to go there.
That evening, he ended up calling M.J. and practically begging him to stay at his place for awhile, only until he could get his bearings and decide on a long-term move. Unfortunately, M.J. lived in a one-bedroom apartment that he shared with his dog, and, unbeknownst to DeShaun, M.J. had picked that particular evening to entertain a lady friend. That night DeShaun had the distinct pleasure of lying on his buddy’s couch while listening to lovemaking noises that, from DeShaun’s standpoint, sounded painful.
Two days later, after having sex with Naomi, DeShaun had sent her a curt text, telling her he was all right and that he’d be coming by sometime soon for the rest of his things. That was weeks ago. Aside from dropping her money from a few of his gigs for the mortgage, he hadn’t contacted her again.
“Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you at this party.”

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