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Chasing Jane

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Noelle Adams

Chasing Jane - Plot & Excerpts

It’s made of lovely old stone and surrounded by foliage and encompassed by an adorable little fence. There’s a garden in the back, and the east side offers a view of a wide pasture that slopes down toward a little lake.
It’s just the beginning of May, so not all the flowers are blooming yet, but some of them are. I can’t wait until the morning when I can see everything better.
I’m so excited about the cottage as we arrive that I actually forget to check for messages from Rochester. Nate and I go from room to room and examine every nook and cranny. The kitchen is small but has been beautifully updated with custom cherry cabinets and marble countertops, and the living room area is perfect, with a big stone fireplace, a huge window onto the garden, and cozy furniture that looks like it could have been around for centuries. There are two bedrooms. The big one has a lovely four-poster bed and a huge luxurious bathroom with a claw-foot tub and a roomy walk-in shower. The other bedroom is much smaller, with a tiny bed and a clean but unimpressive bathroom.

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