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Climbing the Ladder

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Climbing The Ladder - Plot & Excerpts

Dreaming. She was dreaming. He crawled over, vocalizing, pouring himself into her dream, into her heart. My Lady.
Her mind was dark, frightening, and her dream-self turned, snapping at him, and he bowed. She stopped moving, whining, staring at him with scared eyes. Her tail was curled over her back, not a happy thing, not a submissive one, either.
Poor baby, so brave. He let himself be proud of her, let her feel it, let her hear him. Her head dipped, her sides heaving. Her dream self was trying to breathe.
He stepped forward, admiring her pale fur, her long tail. She snapped at him again, but this time there was no heat behind it.
He chuffed softly. Sammy. My beautiful girl.
    She whimpered, backed away from him, and a wave of betrayal poured from her, made him cry out, in both worlds.
Mesa was up at that, hackles raised, growling and looking around the clearing, as he stood, shaken. Kody hadn’t betrayed her. He hadn’t. He loved her. He’d been waiting for Mesa, yes, but to share her, not to leave her.

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