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Clive Cussler - Plot & Excerpts

After the boat was moored against the dock inside, the doors were closed and it was as if the phantom craft had never been.
    Once they were on the dock, the henchmen removed the blankets from around the children. Casey and Lacey knew it was hopeless to struggle; it had been a tiring day and they had to fight to keep from falling asleep. They stumbled as they were pushed by the Boss and his henchmen out of the ferry boathouse and under the catwalks and guard towers.
    Lacey turned and saw a full moon setting beyond the Golden Gate Bridge across the bay. A light breeze moved the waves, and she could hear the bell on a buoy somewhere on the black water. She wondered what would become of Floopy and Hotsy Totsy if she and Casey never returned.
    "Where are you taking us?" demanded Casey, coming back on track.
    "To the main cell house. I've got a nice little cell all picked out for you," snarled the Boss.

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