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Darke Mission (2014)

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Darke Mission (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

asked Ethel, weak but alive.
    “It’s in the van in one of Jim’s locked up garages. The van’s being re-painted and fixed up. A bit like yourself!” replied JJ, so glad that Ethel had survived and was recuperating on schedule. Ethel was in a private room at the Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH). After the border crossing, the paramedics and two CIA officers from PAU Travel had taken her straight there. She had an emergency operation on her shoulder, the bullet removed and a blood transfusion given. SNUH was the oldest and most respected hospital in Seoul with a busy and effective emergency department. After surgery she was transferred to the private room. Jim Bradbury had sorted out the paperwork and calmed down the local police. As KLO, he had done them a few favours in the past, now it was time to call in one of them. Two of the PAU Travel office’s operatives were standing guard at Ethel’s door. Probably not necessary, thought JJ and Jim, but just in case any North Korean undercover types or all too nosey paparazzi were floating about, it seemed reasonable to take the precaution.

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