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But you’d better not take my words for it and start reading «Flight Behavior». This remarkable novel takes place in Appalachia. A disaster and denial are crisscrossed there forcing people to stick to their own truths, which differ dramatically. The novel focuses on a young woman from Tennessee, a mother and a wife, who has quite narrow experience of life. We often like to blame adverse circumstances for our griefs and sometimes it is really difficult to change a state of things. With empathy, the author opens our eyes to all the complexities of rural life. Readers are transferred from their cozy homes into strange and unsettled place, there science and faith are constantly struggling for the right to control people’s minds.
Dellarobia Turnbow is a woman who lives on a farm with her husband. She had to sacrifice her own interests when she involuntary became pregnant at the age of seventeen. Young and inexperienced, with a buoyant outlook on life, full of hopes, she started her family life.

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