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Read Haiti After The Earthquake (2011)

Haiti After the Earthquake (2011)

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Haiti After The Earthquake (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

SCHWARTZ    What do they do?I am in Léogâne, epicenter of the earthquake, ten days after it struck. I am addressing the question to Joseph (not his real name).
Few people on earth could be better qualified to answer the question. Joseph is an American foreign service officer who has spent his thirty-two-year career in some of the poorest, disaster-wrenched countries on earth: Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria, Angola, Sudan, and now, for the past four years, Haiti.
The people I am asking him about are two officials from DART, the United States Disaster Assistance Response Team. Who could be more qualified to organize logistics than an organization with a name like that? They are some forty feet away, doing the same thing that Joseph already did: interviewing a pair of paramedics from the United States.
The paramedics are two among hundreds of people who got tired of seeing the thousands of untreated Haitians on television, packed into clinics, sitting in streets and empty lots waiting for medical attention.

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